6 Things Technology has Taken Away From us

Do the following exercise when you get the chance: look around in a crowded place (subway, emergency room, restaurant) and count how many people are busy with their tablets and cell phones. Your observations will strike you with amazement!

The share of “technology-interested” will certainly exceed 80%. People are busy with social networks, checking their messages, watching videos, reading emails… but where has their life taken the road? It has disappeared into Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Gmail, and the list just goes on.

What is even more amazing is that those born after 2000 coexist with technology. From a young age, they know how to use it incredibly well. A one-year-old boy knows he has to swipe his finger across the screen to unlock the phone. A little two-year-old girl asks her mother to see the picture they just took in the park. And there are many more examples…

Have you ever stopped to think about all the things modern technology has stolen from us?

Of course, we cannot deny that it has given us thousands of amazing things. However, everything has its limits, and there is a very thin line between using these devices for necessary things and becoming dependent on them.

Modern technology has stolen some very important parts of our lives. Let’s explore some of them …

1. Our own thoughts

We don’t spend time alone. We do not meditate when we are in bed at night. We do not sit and think about what happens to us and what decisions we make. There are drawbacks to losing this “downtime” to our senses. When our mind is free from external stimulation it can wander freely and help us solve problems, get brilliant ideas, etc. Slowly but surely technology kills our creativity and imagination.

2. The experience of getting lost

What did people do before GPS existed? They asked bypassers, tried to read a paper map or got lost. There is nothing better than being in a city and discovering something that is not included in the tourist guides. This almost never happens nowadays because we immediately start to follow the map on our mobile phones. Sometimes it is necessary to get lost so that we can encounter important and new things.

3. The chance to create a relationship with a stranger

We return to our travel example. Before this constantly available technology existed, we asked a person who seemed to know the area, and it might even be the start of a new friendship.

We can also apply this to our existing friendship circle. Through a screen, emotions cannot be understood very well, no matter how many emoticons we use; That is why we must meet eye to eye.

4. The sound of silence

The western world, a world filled with big metropolises, is full of noise. Peacefulness and balance are found in silence. We can connect with ourselves, enjoy the absence of harsh sounds and get to know wonderful silence.

5. The energy in our environment

It is scientifically proven that devices such as TVs and computers fill rooms with poor energy. That is why it is not recommended to have them in the bedroom or to use them before going to bed.

Furthermore, they are used to take pictures of everything we see, which means we lose the ability to really enjoy the landscape. We cannot appreciate the magnificence, aromas, sounds or feelings of nature through a camera lens or the screen of a mobile phone.

6. Relaxation

Before the mobile phone, communicated people who lived far apart existed from time to time, and even visited each other if they lived nearby. The anxiety we get today from sending a message and not getting an instant response causes us great stress.

We even bring our mobiles to the toilet; we sleep with them on the pillow; we have them next to us at our office desk or on the bench at school. It takes us less than a second to pick them up when it rings.

And finally, using a mobile phone to this extent can make you miss the details and the happiness of living with intensity.

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