AirPods battery life on iPhone or Apple Watch: How can you check

AirPods last 5 hours on a single charge. And the charging case extends it to 25 hours. You’ll notice a slight sound when the AirPods battery gets low. What if you need to check the AirPods’ battery status at all times? You have a few options. It’s important to monitor your AirPods battery life, especially when it is getting low. This is how you can check the AirPods’ battery life on both your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Check AirPods Battery Life on iPhone

Just Ask Your AirPods

If you already have your AirPods you can double-tap the AirPods and bring up Siri. (If you are using 2nd Gen AirPods you can simply say Hey Siri). You will be able to ask Siri “what is the battery level?” or “how many battery cells are left”. The iPhone will display the current battery percentage, followed by the AirPods. Direct answers are also possible. For a straight answer, just ask: “How much battery are left in AirPods?”

Flick Open the AirPods Case

To find out the battery life of the AirPods and case, the fastest way to do it is by flicking open the case next to your iPhone when it is unlocked. You will see a little card that shows you how long each AirPod and case have been charged.

The problem is that it only works if the AirPods have been inside the case. Follow the next tip to find out how AirPods battery life is at any time on an iPhone.

Enable the Batteries Widget on iPhone

The Batteries widget provides a single-source source for information about battery status for all your Apple connected devices. This widget works with Apple Watch, AirPods, and Beats X devices.

To enable it swipe to the widgets section on your Home screen and go to the bottom to tap Edit. To add the widget, tap on Edit next to Batteries. To rearrange the item, use the handle button. To go back, tap on Done.

Now, as long as the AirPods are connected, you’ll see the battery percentage there. It will usually only display the AirPods’ battery stats. It will also show you the battery status if the case is opened while you are looking at the Battery widget.

Check AirPods Battery Life on Apple Watch

As long as the three devices – iPhone and Apple Watch – have the same iCloud account, and all are active, you can view your AirPods’ battery life from your wrist.

As we discussed in our AirPods Tips and Tricks article, swipe up from the Watch Face to access the Control Center. WatchOS 5 or higher users can hold the edge of your screen and swipe up for Control Center access.

Next, tap the Battery Percentage Control. The battery life for your AirPods will be displayed below the Apple Watch’s battery percentage. This is even true if the AirPods have been paired with an Apple Watch and not your iPhone.

How’s Your AirPods Battery Life Been?

Now that you are familiar with the main ways to determine how long your AirPods last, it is easy for you to monitor battery level and deterioration. What time has passed since your first AirPods were purchased? How is it currently performing right now? Please share your thoughts with us below.


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