Apple has Admitted They Consciously Slow Down Older iPhones

The recent data suggesting that older iPhone devices are being slowed down by IOS is now confirmed by Apple. The purpose should be to prevent older phones from lagging or restarting when the battery has become so worn out and used that it can not really last longer.

Tests have been made previously that show that older iPhone models, which many users already suspect, are getting slower over the years and as new versions of Ios are released. Now Apple has also confirmed this but claims to have good intentions.

So it’s not primarily about Apple trying to sell new phones, but about wanting to prevent older iPhone devices from restarting as the batteries can’t handle the pressure.

According to Apple, an energy management system was implemented that handles the distribution of resources already last year. Many iPhone users have reacted to the fact that their older devices appear to have become significantly slower, while benchmark tests have shown that there is a correlation to how worn the battery is.

May be turned off

The ability of the batteries to provide enough energy for the most resource-consuming data decreases sharply over time, and at worst, overly intense data can cause the phones to shut down on their own, when the components simply aren’t getting enough power, Apple explains in an official statement.

At present, the energy management system should have been rolled out to iPhone 6, 6S and SE. Anyone who wants to get a new momentum on their old iPhone can, of course, get the battery replaced, but then you must visit an authorized repairer.


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