How are Humans Affected by a Space trip?

How is a human being affected by a space trip?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you traveled through time and space, far out in the universe? How would you change? Should you age? And would your family be there when you get home?

Traveling in space is a milestone we humans have passed. But the question is when to make it something every day and something to explore yet beyond its limits.

Today we don’t really know what space is for. We do research, we create theories and we draw conclusions. But if you really think deeply, do we have any idea why and what we really want to know?

From 1961 around 400 people have left the earth’s atmosphere. The problem with traveling in space is that the body breaks down. Our body is weakened in weightlessness, which can lead to, for example, osteoporosis.

There is constant experimentation on how and why the body is affected as it does up in space, for example on ISS. But the astronauts who have lived there for an extended period of time have lost between 5 and 10% of their muscle mass as well as have an impaired oxygen uptake when they return to Earth.

Therefore, longer space travel is considered very risky due to major health risks. Up in space, you also do not have an atmosphere that protects against the radiation. In the body, blood pressure is also disrupted because the heart exerts a lot of effort when traveling between gravity and weightlessness. In one month, an astronaut can lose 1 to 1.5% bone mass! That’s what a woman who suffers from osteoporosis loses in a year.

The next big problem is time. Traveling to the moon takes just over five days. It takes around 3 years until March. How long it would take to travel around space is difficult to estimate, but we are not talking about a few years if you want to move from one galaxy to another.

If you think from a parallel universe perspective, the idea becomes very difficult to imagine. Type that we nowadays count the time with time zones but that the time zones extend over dimensions. That would mean that 1 minute in this dimension could equal 100 minutes in another!

Water, food, and amenities are equally important to them. Without these three we would die during the trip! Technology is also extremely important. Today we do not have the opportunity to travel and visit other galaxies with people. But who knows what the future offers?

If we are to find out about these issues that I mentioned in the beginning, we need to create the conditions necessary for travel and exploration. Research has never been more relevant, at some point we know. But when?


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