How Does a Free App Make Money?

How Does a Free App Make Money?

For quite some time now, most people have been asking themselves how does a free app make money. Most of them fail to understand that the App stores have earned much revenue from these apps. However, it is still not clear whether the revenue would increase if more people choose to download these apps. In this article I am going to write about the two main ways through which an app can make money through the play of free apps.


First of all, the App stores need to advertise their apps so that they are able to get enough users to promote them. This is one of the major reasons why mobile commerce is growing so fast. However, while most users do not spend any money on an app, there are still others who pay for the advertisement of the apps. Therefore, the App stores need to find ways and methods through which they can convince these paying users to buy something from them.


How does a paid app make money? Usually, the developers of these apps will need to pay for some amount of money before they start generating revenue. They will be allowed to use some of the profits for advertising. This is one way through which users can actually help promote the app and in return, get some money as compensation. Moreover, the App stores will also be able to attract more users to their apps by offering different prizes, gifts or discount coupons.


How does a free app make money? Free apps are like the apps that we used to use before the App stores were introduced. The users will simply download these apps, install them and run them. These apps will be available for anyone to download for a certain period of time. If someone wants to remove such apps, he or she has to pay for it.


How does a free app make money? Users will only be charged once. Hence, every time they want to get the app, they will be given a refund. They will also be asked not to share the application with other people and to avoid spamming. A good example of this is the grocery delivery app on the grocery store. Whenever a new customer registers to that app, he or she will be asked for his or her email address so that the company can send him the latest updates about the products.


How does a free app make money? Once the user registered to the app, he or she will have to pay for the updates. After a certain amount of time, or as per the user’s wish, he or she can switch to the paid version of the app, if there is any. Users can do this by purchasing the content through the iTunes Store or by visiting the company’s website.


How does a free app make money? Paid apps will offer users a number of options. Some of them include advertisement and marketing options. These companies will also allow their clients to create and publish content on their apps, and will allow customers to share the content through social media, emails, and on the company’s website.


The paid apps will not always be entirely free. The fee will vary according to the app, the target audience, and the company offering it. For instance, a medical or doctor-related app will require a monthly fee. Meanwhile, gaming companies may ask for a one-time fee to access the app. Other apps will be completely free. All the apps are available on a number of different app stores, so no matter what your interests and capabilities, you should have no trouble finding an app for you!


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