How to Get Started With Google Home – Guide

With Google Home, you can control your lighting, find out the weather, browse holiday cards, turn on the TV, turn on music through voice commands – and much more. We show you how to get started easily.

In this guide, we will go over the most useful things with Google Home. We’ll show you how to use Google Home to play music through Spotify, how to get your device to read the latest news, and much more. In addition, we explain how to connect multiple Google Home devices to one another, for example, to be able to play music in multiple rooms at once.

What is Google Home?

In simple terms, Google Home is a digital assistant that helps you with a variety of things by either saying “Ok, Google!” or “Hello, Google!” followed by what you want help with. You can also hold your finger on the top for a short while for the unit to start listening if for some reason you do not want to open with a greeting phrase.

You need this to get started

To install and use Google Home, you need a mobile device with the Google Home app (Android or iOS), as well as a Chromecast connected to your TV. If you have a Chromecast built into one of your devices (for example, if you own a TV with Android as the operating system or Com Hems TV-Hub) you can, of course, use it instead – otherwise, you will need to purchase one separately.

How to install your first device

We start with the simplest; to install the unit. The first thing you do is plug in Google Home into a power outlet. Then download the Google Home app on your smartphone, then search for Google Home by clicking Add (the big plus icon) on the main page and then Configure a device. Finally, select Configure New Devices.

The app will now scan your home and eventually find your newly connected Google Home. Once done, the unit will ring, and you will be asked to confirm that you heard the sound. Then choose which room it is in. Finally, connect your Google Home to the network.

The next step is to customize Google Home for your home. You can, among other things, add media services (more on that below) and customize Google Home to your voice – which is not least flexible if you are more in the home. You can also enter location information if you wish. This way Google Home makes it easier to customize tips for where you live – good if you want to find out, for example, what the weather is, or where the nearest restaurant is.

Examples of questions you can ask Google Home

Before we go into how to get Google Home to play music and work with your lights, you probably want to test what the device is all about. Here are some more or less useful phrases you can ask Google Home:

  • “Okay, Google! What will the weather be tomorrow?”
  • “Okay, Google! Tell a joke! “
  • “Okay, Google! How far is it to New York? “
  • “Okay, Google! How does a fox sound? “
  • “Okay, Google! How long does it take to cycle to New York? ”
  • “Okay, Google! What is ten times three? “
  • “Okay, Google! Set a timer for two minutes ”
  • “Okay, Google! Good morning”

How to play music through Spotify

Using Google Home to play music is one of the most useful things about the device – after all, it’s a smart speaker. Linking a Spotify account is already done during the installation process, in the end, you have to choose which media services to add. Enter your login details to Spotify and then the account is linked. Should you need to do this later, click Add in the main menu, then you will find Music and Sounds as well as Videos and Photos at the bottom of the next screen.

Once you’ve linked the Spotify account, just start talking to Google. For example, you could ask Google Home to play music by saying “Ok, Google! Play music ”- but you probably want to be more specific than that. The unit is adept at understanding what you are saying, so you can ask it to play anything from a specific genre you want to listen to by year, artist or playlist.

Try saying, “Okay, Google! Play Elvis Presley “,” Ok, Google! Play Country “or” Ok, Google! Play Rock “.

How to add more units

Installing more Google Home devices is even easier – after all, you’ve already done the tough part. Plug in your new Google Home device, open the app and click Add and then Configure your device.

On the next screen, select Configure New Devices, and then Google Home will start searching for new devices and find the one you just plugged in. Select it and click Next at the bottom right. Just like when we installed the first device, you choose which room your new device is in, then click Next and connect the device to your network.

Obviously, having more devices is easy in itself, you surely want to play music from your computer room while you are there, or ask Google about the weather when you wake up in the bedroom with the curtains drawn. But the best part is that you can get a so-called multiroom system, where the units are synchronized and play music at the same time, and where you can easily switch between them.

To do this, you need to create a group in the Google Home app. To do this, first click Add in the main menu and then Create Speaker Group. On the following screen, you should see all your devices. Simply select the ones you want, click Next and select a name for your group. For the sake of simplicity, we name our group for Home, but you obviously name it as you want. To play music on everyone in your group, you say “Ok, Google! Play music at home ”. Now, Google Home will play music on all Google Home speakers you have at home.

You can increase or decrease the volume by asking Google Home to do so. You can also access volume settings and various simpler bass and treble sound settings in the Google Home app. Click on your group in the main menu, then the equalizer icon in the top right corner.

If you need to add more devices afterward, there are groups you have created on the home screen, logically enough under Groups. Open your group and then click the gear in the upper left corner, then click Select Units.

You can, of course, add more groups if you need to. After all, you may not want the same content to be played in all the rooms. Simply repeat the same procedure we did just that and select the desired Google Home speakers.


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