Incredible robot Atlas stands tall even when it is hit hard by heavy weight

Atlas, an amazing robot that can withstand heavy objects like heavy metal balls and still stand up. In a video, the anthropomorphic robot (humanoid), can be seen enduring a beating and walking on loose stones with confidence like a mountain goat. Atlas is able to pick up and store boxes on shelves. It can open and close doors using the handle. After that, it will walk through the door. It can be knocked over if you are able to sneak up on it with a pole. It does get up very quickly, as shown in the second image. Engineers hammer a large weight into Atlas, the robot. It stands straight up and is not affected by the attacks. Boston Dynamics. Alphabet Inc. released this video. It is a Boston Dynamics unit that says the robot’s control and balance system positions the feet strategically. The upper body and arms are moved so it stays upright no matter how much the ground tilts. What exactly is a robot? This controller is based on inertial, load and kinematic data from robot sensors. Atlas was developed using funding provided by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)’s M3 program. DARPA, an US Department of Defense agency responsible for developing new technologies for military use. Atlas – The all-terrain, outdoor humanoid robot. Atlas was created by Boston Dynamics (an engineering and robotics company) in order to navigate outdoor terrain. Atlas can stand on its own two feet, much like a person, and it is able to move around the terrain using only its arms. Atlas can climb up steep, difficult terrain using only its feet and hands. Atlas is pushed over by an engineer who follows it. The robot lifts itself up effortlessly and with great precision, as though it was an athlete in a robotic costume. Its makers claim that Atlas can use human-friendly tools because of its sensate, articulated hands. It includes twenty-eight hydraulically-actuated degrees of freedom, two legs and feet, two arms and hands, and a torso. Atlas’ articulated sensor heads includes a stereo camera and a laser rangefinder. The new version is powered by internal batteries and no tether unlike its predecessor. The robot is approximately 5-foot-9 inches (1mt cm), tall, and weighs 180 6kg (81.6kg. The disaster recovery robot Atlas was designed to perform disaster recovery tasks in areas that humans can’t reach or are too hazardous for us, like damaged nuclear power plants. The DARPA competition saw it make its debut. The creation of this new Atlas version involved seven teams of scientists around the globe. They claim it has a more intelligent brain than the predecessor. The new Atlas version can also climb stairs, avoid obstacles and even dodge human soldiers. Atlas can walk on snow with ease. Even if it falls into soft snow suddenly, Atlas will automatically adjust its balance, compensate, and continue walking as though nothing had happened. Boston Dynamics Image. Researchers should be cautious. Some may say that Boston Dynamic’s engineers must be more careful. They should keep pushing, shoving, swinging and lifting heavy loads at the engine to see what happens. While upgrading its brain and keeping it updated, they could find that it turns around one day and look at them. It would not be easy to escape a mad Atlas with its amazing all-terrain and climbing abilities. Video: Atlas, the new robot version. This robot looks almost human-like and can balance even when heavy objects are thrown at it.


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