Junior doctor captures hand of God and fiery dragon at Edinburgh sky

A junior doctor captured what looked like the hand or the fiery dragon in Edinburgh’s sky. Residents with smartphones started filming. Tom Foster, 25, noticed that the “heavens open” while taking photos of the Scottish capital. The photo below shows how the combination of the sun and clouds created what appeared to be either the Hand or God, with fire rising up into the sky, or the flames of a dragon roaring over the city. Pareidolia refers to the tendency or ability to see a particular – and often meaningful – image within a random or unambiguous visual pattern. This could include seeing patterns in clouds that remind one of something, such as a face or animal, or even a witch or witch. Extreme cases can lead to people believing what they see is true, such as when they believe that they saw Christ’s face on toast. You think so? Hand of God? Fiery Dragon? Phoenix Rising? Klingon Spaceship or Angry Pigeon. All except the one with the pigeon can be seen. (Image: facebook.com/SpectacularEdinburgh) Image posted on Facebook Dr. Foster, an amateur photographer, posted his picture on Facebook earlier this month. He has been receiving a lot of ideas about what this image might represent, from an angry pigeon to a fiery dragon to the hand of God and a Klingon spaceship rising from the flames. Derbyshire-based Dr. Foster has been living in Edinburgh for eight years. He said that he first noticed the cloud and recognized its unique shape. “What I most frequently see is the ‘hand God’, like many other people. Although I don’t believe in God, the hand is visible to me. The dragon’s neck and head can be seen. It looks like it is breathing fire.” Another spectacular Edinburgh sky in March VIDEO: #NorthernLights over Edinburgh and the Lothianshttps://t.co/3AHHuflmfP pic.twitter.com/MdRfA5jOR6 — Edinburgh News (@edinburghpaper) 7 March 2016 So many different interpretations What he likes most about the picture is how people can see so many different things in it. According to Foster, he’s received hundreds of messages and comments from all over the world suggesting various things. He is able recognize some of the interpretations he received, but he said “I’m still not sure about that pigeon.” Foster was standing on the top of Carlton Hill in Edinburgh trying to get a great shot of the skyline of the city as it was sunset. He was just about to get the shot taken when a huge black cloud began to form. He was about to quit and head home. He didn’t want to get wet and it looked like there would be rain. He’s glad that he decided to stay longer. He took some pictures of the normal sky before the rain-cloud arrived. It did appear, and he stated that it looked amazing against the sunset. He also said the photo does not show how spectacular the sky was. He was completely wet after he snapped the photo that went viral online. He believes that it was well worth the effort. Dr. Foster stated that he was happy with the result. It’s great that you captured this picture because I am a doctor and don’t have much time for photography. “I love to photograph Edinburgh too. I fell in love with it eight years ago when I first visited.” Video – Edinburgh Sky Time Lapse See the Edinburgh sky from this stunning time-lapse video (2014).


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