Musks Spacex Can Send People to Space 2020

Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX may send people from the US to the space station ISS during the first quarter of next year.

This is what Nasa chief executive Jim Bridenstine says during a visit to the company’s headquarters, with the flap of “everything goes according to plan” in the upcoming tests.

The collaboration with Nasa will be the first time Spacex is attempting a manned spacecraft and the first time Nasa will send astronauts from the United States to the ISS since 2011. Since then, the Space Agency has paid to take Russian vessels to the station.

Elon Musk and NASA chief Jim Bridenstine have previously argued publicly about the project – Bridenstine has complained via Twitter that Musk’s construction of the space capsule has dragged out at the time.

Musk then blamed Nasa and the authority’s lengthy security tests.

During the visit, Musk and Bridenstine said they are working on technical challenges, such as getting the capsule parachutes used at re-entry to function properly.

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