New evidence makes Planet Nine’s existence more probable

According to a California Institute of Technology researcher, the existence of Planet Nine at the outermost edges of the Solar System is now more plausible. Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin published in January that they had discovered a ninth planet with a mass about ten times the Earth’s and approximately four times the size. The astronomical community is abuzz about the discovery of uo3L 91,, a new planet that does not have an official name. Because it is so far from the Sun, an orbit takes between 10,000 and 20,000 year. It could take more than 20,000 years for a year to finish an orbit on Planet Nine. The image below shows the six most distant objects known to our solar system, with orbits that extend beyond Neptune. Amazingly, they all line up in one direction. (Image: Caltech/R. Hurt: Planet Nine is far away from the Sun. If it exists, the researchers’ findings must be confirmed. Planet Nine orbits around twenty-fifths farther than Neptune which averages 2.8 billion miles. Professor Brown claims that he now has more evidence to support the idea that Planet Nine is actually out there, possibly lurking far away in our Solar System. Brown claims he also found another object in *Kuiper Belt moving in an odd manner. He added that the unusual movement of Planet Nine’s object is just what you would expect. The image of Planet Nine is an artistic representation with the distant Sun as the background. It is believed to be gaseous similar to Uranus or Neptune. The nightside is lit by hypothetical lightning. (Image: Caltech/R. Hurt His new claims have yet to be verified. None of his claims have been peer reviewed or validated by any other scientists. Canada-France Telescope is located at the top of Mauna Kea Mountain. It’s currently performing the Outer Solar System Origins Survey. This survey will search far into the Solar System and verify Prof. Brown’s claims. Although there has not been an official discovery, it is possible to speculate that Planet Nine may have been discovered. Professor Brown claims that this new object decreases the chance of an error in math to just 0 .001%. This potential discovery was made by Prof. Brown (the Richard and Barbara Rosenberg Professor in Planetary Astronomy). He said that it would be “a true ninth planet.” Since ancient times there have been only two planets that were found, but this one would be the third. This is a significant chunk of the solar system still to be discovered, and it’s exciting.” Planet Nine could soon be added to our solar systems. It will be the farthest planet away from the Sun if it is confirmed. Image: Adapted by Wikipedia. Planet Nine appears to have a dominant gravity in its Solar System neighborhood. Professor Brown stated that Planet Nine’s gravity actually dominates an area larger than other planets. This makes it the “most planet-y” planet in the solar system. The presence of it helps to answer many questions about the mysterious Kuiper Belt. Video: Evidence of Planet Nine Caltech Professors Konstantin Batygin (Mike Brown) discuss recent research which shows that a huge planet is following a strange, extremely long orbit around the outer solar system.


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