Newly Discovered Planet is Similar to Earth

Is there life in space? The answer to the eternal question can be found at Kepler-438b.

It is a newly discovered planet that is considered to be the most similar to Earth.

Kepler-438b must not sound so exciting on the name. However, among scientists in the American Astronomical Society, it is generating great interest. The planet is one of seven planets discovered by scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center. This through the space telescope Kepler. What makes Kepler-438b so interesting is that it plus the other planets is within an area where life would be theoretically possible. This is because it is at such a distance to a star (sun) that water does not boil and evaporate, or freezes to permanent ice.

Kepler-438b is estimated to be slightly larger than the earth and have rock formations. This, together with the possibility of running water, are considered to be the two most important factors for life on another planet.

“We are now closer than ever to finding a twin planet to Earth,” said NASA scientist Fergal Mullally when the discovery was presented on Tuesday.

However, the planet is not exactly next-door to earth, namely 470 light years away.

Newly Discovered Planet is Similar to Earth

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