Pros and cons of VPN

Having a VPN is important for your own privacy and privacy.

It not only protects you from threats, such as hackers, but also enables us to use the global network worldwide. More and more people are choosing to get a VPN. It is important to remember, however, before you buy a VPN, that you buy one that suits you and your internet activity – there are different variants.

Benefits of VPN

That said, there are many benefits. In this list we do not include all the advantages, but we have picked out a few that we think are most interesting.

A VPN keeps you safe. It is becoming more common to make purchases online, today you can buy everything online, you can even shop their food online. All these purchases require that you provide either your social security number or your account details.

This means – without a VPN – hackers have access to this.

With digital development, advertisers can also sniff out how to move around the Internet and thus target ads to you.
With a VPN this is not possible, a VPN “destroys” your data.
You may have tried to stream a series broadcasted in your own country from abroad, and it has not worked? A VPN gives you access to the global network. A VPN changes your IP address so it looks like you have the same IP address as the server.
Can make your connection faster. Internet service providers are happy to limit the connection, so we buy faster networks from them. A VPN does everything we can to surf the way we want without any problems. This becomes technically possible when your data is destroyed.


Disadvantages of VPN? Many people think that there are no disadvantages to VPN. But there are a few – which you should not call disadvantages, we can say that there are problems you can encounter if you use VPN.

No one is perfect and neither is a VPN. VPN is still a fairly new phenomenon compared to the internet. If you get a really good VPN – it may not protect you against everything. In short: there are threats on the internet that a VPN can’t handle.

Can be expensive. Of course, it depends a little on what you want with your VPN – but often it gets quite expensive. If you want the basic variant it costs about SEK 150 a month, then note that it is only the basic variant and not any extra service, so it may not do the job you want.

As we explained above – VPN is still fairly new to the market, which means it is still developing. There are many technical protocols, terms, software and hardware to keep track of.

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