Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov claims that robots will allow him to live forever.

Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov thinks robots will enable him to live forever, and his personality and consciousness would then be transferred into them. These ultra-advanced robotics will be built from materials that have a practically infinite life span and require only minimal maintenance. New Media Stars is a web-based media company. Its founder believes that we will soon be able to transfer all of the content of an individual’s mind onto a super-advanced microchip, which can then be used in a robot. By 2045, It is believed that people can live indefinitely by having their personality transferred to a highly-advanced robotic humanoid. Image: The 2045. Initiative. Mr. Itskov created the (*] Initiative in 2011, to help people achieve eternal life over the next 30 years. Non-profit organisation, the 2045 Initiative develops scientists who specialize in prolonging life. This includes human beings. This includes Russian experts in robotics, artificial brains, neural interfaces, and other related fields. What exactly is a robot? This is what Mr. Itskov refers to as “Personality Transfer”. The project is already being worked on by a team of engineers and neuroscientists. The Immortalist BBC 2 broadcasts a Horizon documentary called “The Immortalist” on 16thMarch, 8pm. BBC 2 will broadcast a Horizon documentary called “The Immortalist” on 16th March at 8pm. (Image: Mr. Itskov told the documentary makers: “The ultimate goal of my plan is to transfer someone’s personality into the new artificial carrier. It’s sometimes called uploading, or mind transfer. It’s what I call personality transfer,” he is 100 percent certain that he will succeed in his mission. Artificial brains and avatars Avatars are a part of his confidence. These are computer graphics that represent the user, or their alter ego/character. These avatars can be in a 3D format, such as for virtual worlds and games. They also may appear as icons in Internet forums or other online communities. There will be several phases to the project. Scientists are working now on the first phase. This involves creating a robot version of human that can be controlled using a brain/computer. An interface between an individual and a computer. Is immortality only for the wealthy? Itskov claims that immortality will not be available to the super-rich. Itskov is also interested in politics. Itskov has also launched Evolution 2045,, a political party whose goal is to guide all people in the path of neohumanity’. This will offer something new and unimaginable, something that could never have been imagined, and something that may seem amazing and unbelievable today.” Aubrey de Gray 2045, a British researcher who claims he has a plan to end biological ageing. He says that people born already will live for more than one year.


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