Strange UFO looking like a horseshoe was seen on the International Space Station’s live feed

UFO hunters claim that transmission was stopped as soon as the strange UFO, shaped almost exactly like a horseshoe, appeared on an International Space Station feed. They also accuse NASA of deliberately censoring any footages relating to alien craft. After several live feeds being cut immediately after any UFO was detected, conspiracy theorists and alien hunters have been in turmoil for several months. An enthusiast spotted a mysterious UFO in the shape of a horseshoe while viewing televised footage from the International Space Station. (Image: In the video, a glowing blue object can be seen floating in space on the horizon and gradually approaching the International Space Station (ISS). After approximately an hour, the screen goes black and then you will see a smaller white light further away. Many viewers think the small UFO in the distance was the same craft and claim that this is proof that the UFO could not be a trick of light. The screen went dark when the UFO was in focus. Scott Waring (who runs UFO Sightings Daily) wrote that the UFO became more visible and the screen began to turn blue. NASA will always turn the screen blue when they spot a UFO. This is in an effort – a failed attempt at hiding it from the public. Jadon Beeson from Stourport-on-Severn in North Worcestershire (England) first saw the UFO while watching live. NASA has responded to his request. Tyler Glockner, Secureteam 10,, received the footage without sound. He commented that he hated adding music to videos. Secureteam 10,, a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, also uploaded the video, which had a story. In the video, the narration says: “What did you see? It was interesting footage from the International Space Station that looks similar to another UFO, over the horizon. It is on its sides when we first view it. It appears to be more sideways when you look at the footage. Unidentified Flying Object is any object or phenomenon that can be identified but cannot be identified. This object catches our interest, our curiosity, and often our imagination. This does not mean aliens made it, but it simply means that we don’t know the meaning of it. Video: A horseshoe-shaped UFO is seen in space. This Secureteam 10 clip shows what appears to be a UFO that looks just above the Earth’s horizon.


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