The Apollo 10 crew heard strange music on the far side of Moon. These emerged recordings

show that we heard this weird music while in orbit. Because the Moon blocked all terrestrial radio transmissions, the astronauts were shocked by what they called “outer-space music”. The Moon blocked all radio transmissions from Earth, so how could astronauts hear music through their headphones? The Apollo 10 crew didn’t know if they should report this mysterious incident at the time. They decided not to report the incident, but NASA may have kept it quiet. This incident happened just months prior to the Apollo 11 historic lunar landings. What was the reaction of astronauts to suddenly hearing’space music’ from their headphones, even though it wasn’t from Earth? It is not clear why they kept quiet. (Image from Wikipedia) Space music incident not reported. The Apollo 10 crew was in orbit at the Moon’s far side. Radio contact with Earth was impossible for about an hour. It was not reported by the public. They were left feeling that all went well. The lost recordings, which contained’strange and otherworldly’ music that was heard through the Apollo module’s radio several decades later were discovered by NASA’s Unexplained Files. This Science Channel series will be available on Science Channel. The Huffington Post reports that the astronauts had a conversation about what they heard. Is that a whistling sound? That whistling sound? How did the Apollo 10 spacemen hear music while no Earth signals came through? Image adapted from Spacemen debated what they should do. The mysterious music transmission lasted almost an hour. The three spacemen discussed what to do with the mysterious music they heard just before their satellite was set to reconnect to Earth’s radio frequency. The conversation ended as follows: “It is unbelievable!” It’s unbelievable! It’s worth thinking about. Al Worden (an Apollo 15 Astronaut) explains: “The Apollo 10 team was used to hearing the type of noise they needed to hear. According to logic, Logic says that there would be something on the computer if it was recorded. NASA will withhold information from public officials if it is in their best interests.” Alfred Merrill “Al” Worden, command module pilot for the Apollo lunar mission, believes that NASA will withhold information if this was in the public’s interest. Many times, astronauts have seen or heard things in space that they didn’t recognize. This is why it is often a mystery about what NASA would do. (Image via Wikipedia) The classified transcripts of the Apollo 10 mission were not made public until 2008. The mysterious sounds that crew members heard has been a topic of debate since 2008,. Interview with Huffington Post: Mr. Worden stated that “you don’t hear anything about that incident until many years later, and then it becomes a kind of mystery, because it is such an old memory that you start to wonder if they are making up something or if there was something real there.” You never know. There were many instances where spacemen saw or heard strange things, which made you think about it. It’s possible that something else could have happened. This is hearsay evidence from someone – the only visual or auditory event that can be pinned down is it. “Recollection is one thing but real proof is another.” Video – Outer Space Music Apollo astronauts, who were not in radio contact with Earth while they were orbiting the Moon’s far side (in orbit), were able to hear strange’space music. They chose not to report the incident.


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