The Decade When Social Media Took Over

We entered the 2010s with a tough phone and maybe Facebook and come out with a pocket-sized supercomputer and a variety of accounts to maintain.

“We live with social media rather than using them.”

In the early 2010s, social media was something that was actively and delineated. You took a picture, edited it and posted.

Today it is partly more passive, we are thinking about how to edit an image and when to post. Social media is something we relate to even when we don’t use it.

Small media houses

Many has become their own small media houses with several different platforms.

You think about when to put something out for the best effect and reach the most and spread your posts on different platforms at different times.

What we share in social media has also changed. In the early 2010s, people posted pictures quite indiscriminately, just because it worked. Pictures of food or from the gym were popular. Today we are more restrictive.

In the beginning, people shared everything possible – all from the same account. Now it is often more divided, you may have a special account for your cooking or some special renovation.

Social media gave us the opportunity, not only to choose what image we give of ourselves, but also what information we bring to us. We can organize and personalize our own information streams ourselves.

This means that we risk not getting as many joint conversations, not the same random discussions with different thinking.

A breaking point

Some people who want us to stick to our groups are the big social media. The 2010 figure became a breaking point. Platforms that have been at a loss for several years were forced to find ways to make a profit. The solution was to coin the information they had about the users.

They talk about surveillance economics, selling advertising by monitoring people. To be able to give accurate forecasts, you need to be able to distinguish groups, their needs and how they react. You have detailed ideas about what is optimal when you turn to these groups.

A worrying turn has taken by social media during the second half of the 2010s.

Social media has become the focus of propaganda actors. It started as early as 2010 with IS who were extremely skilled. In 2015, the Russians came in and were immediately even more skilled. They are especially interested in entering important states and further polarizing and weakening.

Dramatic future

And if the 2010 century was dramatic and brought about major changes, we believe there is a risk that the 2020s will be even more dramatic. Partly because of the technological development with, among other things, robotics, 3D technology and genetic technology in combination with IT, but also because the development is related to the climate. Increasingly larger server parks are drawing more and more energy.

The climate hangs over everything. IT developments gallop as if the earth’s resources are endless. The reductions made in other areas are damaged by data mining.

Facts: Then came the platforms we use

Facebook was founded in 2004. In 2006, the platform was opened to anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address.

Youtube opened on February 14, 2005.

Twitter came 2006.

Instagram was launched in October 2010.

Snapchat launched in 2011.

Tiktok was released in 2016.

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