The Dinners in Space Tim Peake Challenges Blumenthal To Create British Dishes

British astronaut Major Tim Peake asked celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal for help in creating dishes that he could eat on his six-month space mission aboard the International Space Station. Major Peake must be able to recall his home while still getting the essential nutrients he needs for his good health. Blumenthal created a multisensory menu that defies gravity after two years of research. It includes a sausage sizzle and a bacon sandwich, as well as other treats to bring back memories of Peake’s planet. The clock strikes 6. 30 Sunday, March 1st, Channel 4 will broadcast Heston’s Dinner in Space. This documentary follows Heston and his scientific journeys as they work closely with NASA, the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. Heston Blumenthal accepted the challenge and created a simulation of astronauts’ environment, which included descending rapidly in an aircraft that gives him the feeling of microgravity. (Image: Revolutionising space food The aim is to revolutionise the space-food menu, which to date has been even less interesting than the stuff they serve on bargain flights and unenlightened hospitals. The team is pushing the boundaries of scientific possibility to realize their goal, which was to make tasty meals in space. Heston Blumenthal was given a challenge by Major Peake before he set off for his six-month mission to space on 15thDecember HTML1. Heston said that the task was to create dishes that reminded Tim of home and help him to cope with the emotional effects of the journey. Heston Blumenthal, celebrity chef and astronaut for the UK ESA. (Image: Credit to UK Space Agency. According to show producers, Blumenthal took Major Peake on an emotional journey back in time. He provided comfort food, and Blumenthal ‘created the quintessential cup tea’ to go with the classic British bacon sandwich. You must ensure that meals are free from loose crumbs. They can float around and pollute the atmosphere of space stations. The food must taste good and be healthy. This will satisfy Major Peake’s cravings for home and also his desire to hear from family. Blumenthal and others have to ensure that Major Peake has all of the nutrition he needs to stay in good health. Channel 4 added that the television show will feature Heston Blumenthal, who is attempting to expand the boundaries of what we eat. Heston was able to conduct experiments, interview Tim Peake and consult with various space agencies. (Image: Credit to UK Space Agency. Some delicious-sounding meals. Heston Blumenthal describes Major Peake’s mission as a “swell of pride”. Imagine telling a child that he would create space food. It’s something I could never have imagined. “It was a wonderful experience to work with NASA, ESA, and the UK Space Agency. Tim and I also collaborated closely, making dishes that will bring back memories of our home in the UK. Jay Taylor, executive producer for Thoroughly Modern Media, stated that the task proved to be more challenging than anyone could imagine. Jay Taylor, Executive Producer for Thoroughly Modern Media, stated that Heston and the space agency were able to team up to make space-friendly food. However, it was a difficult task. Sara Ramsden is the Commissioning Editor at Channel 4. She said, “If mankind wants to reach Mars, and other places, then science must focus on the aesthetic and sensory aspects of space nutrition.” Heston brought his usual flair for creativity and has created wonderful dishes we know Tim Peake will love. The documentary was produced by Sara Ramsden. Kate Dooley was the producer. Mr. Taylor was the executive producer at Thoroughly Modern Media. Video: Heston’s Dinner in Space Heston Blumenthal prepares special meals for Major Tim Peake, which he will take to the International Space Station.


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