The Earth is Doomed to Fall Into Sulfur Rain

Scientists at Nasa are afraid that we will face the same fate as the planet Venus.

A new research report by Nasa reveals a potentially bleak future for our planet, writes British Metro.

“Venus can be an indication of what a future might look like on Earth,” says Giada Arney, NASA researcher and Stephen Kane of the University of California.

They believe it is important to study Venus in order to understand how our planet can develop in the future, especially how our environment can be affected by the greenhouse effect.

Venus is the nearest neighbor of the earth and is almost the same size. But unlike our planet, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, with an atmospheric temperature that can reach 462 Celsius and clouds consisting of sulfuric acid.

However, the researchers do not believe that it has always been as horrible as it is today. According to them, there may even have been life on the planet long ago, when there are signs that there may have been water on Venus.

The world-renowned and now deceased scientist Stephen Hawking also commented that the earth could meet the same fate as Venus, when Donald Trump decided that the United States should abandon the Paris climate change greenhouse gas agreement.

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