The Earth’s Magnetic Field is Moving – In Record Speed

The magnetic north pole is moving – towards Siberia. In the long term, the move can pose major technical problems for the aerospace industry – and reduce the chances of seeing the northern lights.

The movement takes place away from northern Canada, across the North Pole and towards Russian Siberia. The pace is the fastest documented in the Northern Hemisphere since the 16th century, according to a new study from the US scientific body NOAA.

The change may in the long run pose challenges and problems for different satellite systems. By extension, the GPS services of the smartphones can be turned off. Navigation systems that depend on the aviation industry and the shipping industry can also be threatened.

The magnetic changes can also mean reduced chances of witnessing northern lights in northern Canada.

The magnetic north pole has slowly migrated away from northern Canada from the 1590s through about 1990, and then accelerated over the last 20 years from ten kilometers per year to over fifty, says Ciaran Beggan of the British Geological Survey to Mail Online.

The opposite can be said of the magnetic south pole, which has barely moved at all during the last 100 years.


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