The Expert: This is What the Future of Artificial Intelligence Looks Like

When your email automatically sorts out your spam, when your computer alerts you to security risks or when you translate a text, it may be Microsoft’s artificial intelligence services, AI, which are behind the features.

What work areas within AI will we see in the future?

Ethics and philosophy are areas of work that will become important in AI. How do you ensure building AI systems that are sustainable and ethical as they gain more control? One of our partners, Tieto, is currently looking for “AI ethics engineers,” for example

What does it mean that they should be “sustainable” and “ethical”?

Since AI systems learn from data from our environment, there is a risk that they will reinforce the injustices that already exist in society. For example, it has been found that some face recognition systems work differently depending on skin color, because they are trained on incorrect data, or that job postings for senior managers appear more for men than women because AI systems have learned that there are more men than women on senior management positions.

Will any new jobs be created thanks to AI?

– When cars replaced horses, lots of jobs were created to maintain, design and service our cars. To say today what new jobs will be created with the AI revolution can be difficult, but they will be linked to more creative professions where AI systems need support and control.

Which professional groups will be most affected by AI development?

You should not see it as AI knocking out entire occupational groups, rather AI takes over many tasks in all possible occupational groups. If you are a doctor you will spend less time assessing analysis values, if you are a lawyer you will spend less time searching through large amounts of text.

What should you do if you are interested in working with AI?

– It depends. If you want to work with programming, you should study what is known as machine learning and deep learning. If you want to build systems, knowledge of how human and computer interaction works is important to study.

What qualities are good to have as a person if you want to work with AI?

An open and curious mind combined with high integrity and respect for people.



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