To make forest, giant redwood trees were planted in Cornwall

. On Monday, forty-five California coast redwoods were planted at Eden Project in Cornwall. This is the first European planting of this species. Scientists believe that the climate in California is not suitable for the trees. However, it may be because of climate change. The southern English climate seems to have become better. Two massive domes that are adjacent to each other form the Eden Project. It is a tourist attraction housing thousands of species. The one biome is a replica of a rainforest, the other a Mediterranean setting. Forty giant Coast Redwoods were planted by the Eden Project (Sequoia Sempervirens). They are huge and can grow to 400 foot in height. Big Ben, however, is 320 foot tall. These trees can survive for as long as 4 ,000years. This tree can also be called coast redwood, California redwood, or coastal redwood. Coast redwood (Sequoia semvirens), is the highest living tree, growing to almost 400 feet (without roots). It can grow up to 1 foot cm thick. The bark is soft and fibrous and has a bright reddish-brown color when exposed, hence the term redwood. As it ages, it becomes darker. The root system is composed of shallow and wide-spreading, lateral roots. (Image: A future avenue of giants As the saplings grow, they will form an avenue of goliaths along the main entrance road to Eden. Eden’s team of 27 apprentices and forty students from Lanlivery CP School helped to plant the trees. Eden’s cofounder, Sir Tim Smit, was also present. It was the week before Eden’s 15th birthday that the planting took place. A clone from the Fieldbrook Stump was the first to be planted. It was the remnants of a redwood tree that had been felled in 1890, around 3 years ago. On the day of planting, the children created a 109-foot circular – which is the diameter of an adult redwood. Image: This sapling was planted in the first year by Jess Phillips (7-year old Lanlivery student), Jake Hawke and Rosie Wade (both Eden Project apprentices). They are now 5 ,000miles from their historic habitat. Sir Tim Smit stated that it was very humble to plant these coast redwoods early in life, knowing they would still be around in four ,000 year. Clare Semple (Deputy Head of Lanlivery CP School) said that this was about the future Eden and encouraging young people to take up horticulture. This fits in with our outdoor education philosophy.” Loveday Varco , a Lanlivery student, stated: “I believe it’s really great what the Eden Project has done to the environment. It’s good for the environment, and it is also good for nature to plant these trees.” The coast redwood in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park is almost 400 tall. This makes Big Ben (320ft look quite small. (Image: adapted from Fieldbrook Stump was once a colossal tree As part of the day’s planting, the forty students made a circle 109 feet around, which represented the circumference of the Fieldbrook Stump. It would have been the highest tree on the planet today if the Fieldbrook redwood hadn’t been cut down. It left a massive 35-ft-diameter stump, wider than any other single stump ever recorded. The material from the roots of the stump was used to clone new saplings. According to reports, the Fieldbrook was the first to be cut by William Waldorf Astor (an American millionaire who later became a British resident). It was then shipped to Britain as the final clincher in a drunken wager that he could create a 40-seater dining table using a single cross-slice. Today, the National Trust still owns the slice that was not used to make a table from the cross-slice. In a later letter, Lord Astor claimed that he never participated in any drunken wager. He threatened to sue anyone who repeats the story. Coast redwood forests. Their population has declined significantly in California and Oregon due to droughts and forest fires. (Image: The planting of these forty giants is the result of a partnership between the Michigan-based Archangel Ancient Tree Archive (AATA) and the Eden Project. AATA’s goal is to preserve the most valuable old-growth trees in the world. Cornwall should be a place where trees thrive. The coast redwoods that were planted by AATA were sent to Eden with cloned saplings. They have since been grown. Experts believe that they can thrive in Cornwall’s moderate, humid climate because of their natural growth in California and Oregon. David Milarch is a well-known tree champion and Sir Tim worked closely together on the establishment of the first European old-growth redwood forest. To seal their partnership, the men planted the first sapling in 2015,. David Milarch stated that Tim, the Eden apprentices and the schoolchildren planted the first sapling to seal the partnership. Sir Tim stated: “One Tree Per Child” is an international initiative and aims to connect the Eden, Archangel, and One Tree Per Child into a force of good. Video Coast redwoods and climate changes What impact will global warming (climate change) have on giant redwood trees in California?


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