What is Amazon Echo Studio? Here is the Answer

Amazon Echo Studio is a somewhat unique speaker for the smart home. A product that will appeal to both music and movie lovers – without the price breaking the bank. The question is – has Amazon managed to develop such a speaker?
Five speakers and one base element
Support for high-resolution audio formats up to 24-bit / 192kHz

Microphones for Amazon Alexa – however, not Google Assistant

What is the Amazon Echo Studio?

So what is Amazon Echo Studio really? What is it about speakers that will attract users and how affordable is the model?

Amazon Echo Studio is a smart speaker with five-speaker elements – three speakers on the sides and top of the middle register, and a forward-looking treble. Downside sits a 5.25-inch base for a deeper bass experience.

The speaker is adapted for high-resolution audio from Amazon Music HD and is prepared for object-oriented audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio.

The entire design is cylindrical with clear features from later Amazon Echo speakers.

On the top of the barrel are microphones that capture voice commands. There is also an LED ring for visual signals, as well as buttons for volume and activation of the Alexa voice assistant.

Why buy Amazon Echo Studio?

There are several reasons why Amazon Echo Studio might be worth buying; one of them may not be particularly attractive to us.

The first reason is that Amazon Echo Studio is part of Amazon’s ecosystem of smart speakers. Anyone using digital assistant Alexa and may already have several other Echo speakers in the home will appreciate Echo Studio.

The second reason is that Amazon Echo Studio supports high-resolution audio formats and is prepared for the Amazon Music HD music service. If you want to read more about Amazon Music HD, you can do so here.

Amazon Echo Studio is capable of playing up to 24-bit audio formats at 192kHz. It is the same quality level as Ultra HD on the Music HD service. In addition, Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio are supported. Both are object-based audio formats that can place sounds at different distances in the room, provided you have the right audio equipment in the home.

Today, there is a very limited range of 3D sound for the speaker. Of course, it also plays stereo music, but it removes a large part of the desire to buy. However, according to The Verge website, Echo Studio is a very strong alternative next to competitors’ speakers.

How much does Amazon Echo Studio cost?

Amazon Echo Studio costs $ 199 in writing moment.


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