What is Streaming?

Rent a movie online? Or watch your movies and photos on your TV?

It is not always as easy to orient yourself in all new technology and to know what you want and need. Streaming music, movies and other things that we can use in our everyday lives occur all over the world. There are both free and affordable streaming services today and can deal with everything from music, movies, and games.


Streaming is a process in which a signal (sound or image) is transmitted digitally over a network (eg the Internet) from a source to a receiver and then converted to image or sound in the receiver. Whether the location the file is stored on is a local computer or hard drive on a home network, or a remote server accessed through services such as Spotify or YouTube, the principle is the same.

A common use area for streaming is web TV, but you can basically stream to any device you want; smartphone, tablet, Apple TV or computer. Sometimes you may also need streaming products like a media player to download material. This can then be the case, for example. Apple TV (at least generation 2).

You can download apps to your device or stream directly from the internet, well-known streaming services, where you can watch shows and movies, are Netflix, HBO Nordic or music with Spotify or Apple music.

Content of streaming apps

There are a number of apps that you can download or that are directly built into your devices when you buy them. These apps can stream movies, music, or anything else. The apps you use depend on which operating system and device you have. Apple uses its apps and Android, its. You can find them in the Appstore or in e.g. Google Play.

What is mostly streamed at the moment is movies, TV series and music, but games are also popular. Many TV channels receive their own apps as described above in the article. If you have an iPad or an iPhone, you can go directly and download apps via the Appstore or Google Play etc.

Disadvantages of streaming

A common problem when using streaming services is that the download stops. It can mean interruptions in the middle of the broadcast which can be more or less disturbing.

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