10 Facts you Probably Didn’t know About Space

Space is exciting. Perhaps the most exciting thing we humans really know. No one knows how big it is, no one knows exactly what is – but perhaps the most exciting of all; no one knows if there is any other intelligent life anywhere else on our planet. Here are at least ten facts that we actually know about space.

1. If you intend to go to space and go out on a spacewalk, you have some money in the back pocket. Namely, a spacesuit costs $ 12,000,000 on average. Feels reasonable.

2. You can’t cry out in space. This is because your tears cannot flow.

3. According to astronauts, it smells like a mixture of fried steak, pig iron and welding smoke in space.

4. In 1962, the United States tested a hydrogen bomb out in space one hundred times more powerful than the bomb that exploded during World War II in Hiroshima.

5. Astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) witness 15 sunsets and 15 sunrises each day. Talk that you should be tired of romantic sunsets when you come back to earth again. In addition, the International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built by a human, with a price tag that ended at about $ 150 billion.

6. In 1977 we received a signal from space that lasted a full 72 seconds. We still do not know how or where it came from today.

7. There is a floating water reservoir in space that corresponds to about 140 trillion times more water than all the world’s oceans on our planet.

8. Our sun is well known for being somewhat copy hot, just like most others. But NASA has actually discovered stars that are cold enough to touch.

9. If an astronaut does not hold his breath, they can live for about 30 seconds without a helmet on a spacewalk. However, if you have the helmet on you, it is totally impossible to whistle.

10. Having sex at the International Space Station (ISS) is not allowed.

BONUS) NASA is developing 3D printed pizzas for astronauts.


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