10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Life

tWe are in the midst of a time that may be one of history’s most important. A breakpoint that humanity has rarely seen – what is happening now is truly exceptional.

But just as surprising is how quiet it is from politicians and traditional media. Maybe it is based on ignorance, fear or that you simply do not have the answers. We have seen the future utopia in series such as West World or films such as the current Blade Runner. So, what is happening, and how will it affect us?

Just everything that can be connected, it will be. We talk about everything from cars to clothes and appliances. Today, more than 4 billion people are connected to more than 15 billion units. By 2025, it is estimated that there will be at least 75 billion connected devices.

The phenomenon is described as the Internet of Things (IoT), and what is connected creates a huge amount of data. Every swipe, split, search and “like” is stored – here it is necessary to buy data or digital thumbprints in order to read important information about human behavior. Data is the new oil with enormous value if you only know how to process it.

Today, 2.5 trillion (!) Pieces of data are created every day. Data that no human can process, but which machines can handle. When you take all the data, program instruction and merge it with technology, you create super-smart computers. Weave coding around “human” elements, then you have Artificial Intelligence.

To understand this, we can exemplify with a doctor, an academically heavy profession that requires many years of study. Becoming a general practitioner requires at least seven years of study with an extremely large number of reading hours and exams. A supercomputer can read all the knowledge a student gains during the entire study period, plus all that has ever been researched and written about in teacher studies – in just one second. In addition, that student probably forgot some things shortly after the exam, but the computer does not.

The human brain is simply not developed enough to process such a large amount of information, as we as beings are more emotionally conditioned. What happens is as follows:

  • Everything gets connected
  • Data is eating up the world
  • AI eats up data
  • In our time there are two camps. One with Elon Musk in the lead, who says that the supercomputer will take over the world and can destroy humanity. The second camp with Mark Zuckerberg, who believes that we will instead work with the computers to create a better future.
  • No matter where you stand, I see ten areas where AI will change our lives.

1. Fewer screens and more voice control

We already see it in our lives. An example is Siri; a smart computer you can ask questions and get answers right away. In the future, there will be an unbeatable assistant who plans, reminds and is one step ahead. Soon we won’t need screens anymore – we’ll talk to Siri or Alexia.

2. Repetitive Data Disappear

All kinds of repetitive jobs will disappear because of AI. From chatbots that solve customer service issues, to more complex tasks like scheduling like x. Ai. AI simply frees up more time for humans to be creative and innovative.

3. Always personalization

With data comes a deeper understanding of what each customer wants, and when they want it. Here we are not talking about what you might want to buy from an e-retailer – but the atmosphere with its light, sound and air is adapted to you in a room that you enter.

4. Automation

Perhaps the most obvious. From robots that build or package a warehouse for e-dealers to self-driving cars. Just think that children born today will probably never have to take a driver’s license. The labor market will change the shift to the non-digital, and the machines can not control today.

5. Time effectiveness

AI will save us a lot of time by performing tasks, collecting data and providing a basis for decisions in a much more efficient way than we humans can.


A big shift we have ahead of us is to move from using software to working with the software as a team member. We talk about everything from a part of a project team to a board. Or, as Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma said, maybe even a future CEO?

7. Increased productivity

AI will have the same impact on the digital revolution that electricity had for the industrial revolution. As a human being, we will move away from many of the administrative tasks that today take up much of our time, and instead operate in a world where we have a robot that delivers.

8. Quality of life

AI will fundamentally revolutionize our world through everything from smarter energy consumption, smarter healthcare and longer health to technology that significantly improves living conditions for developing countries.

9. Ethics is getting more important

What can a robot do and not do? Where does the border go, or rather where do we draw it? Here we as people have to think about and the big companies have a great responsibility. More on this.

10. A world where no one needs a job?

Will the reality in the future be as in the movies and series we have seen? Will we sit and monitor robots that do our former jobs in a world of citizen pay, hubotas and robot tax? Is it Musk or Zuckerberg right?

No matter who is waiting for us, a world where social systems and infrastructure will fundamentally change.


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