4 Reasons Why Your Vape Coil Needs Replacing and How to Do It!

Your vape coil is among the most critical aspects of your entire vaping journey. A poor or burned-out coil may cause dry blows and discomfort, so you should look after it. A coil replacement is a necessary aspect of having a vaporizer. It’s the expense consumers pay for vape mods’ ease and efficacy. 

But when should you change the vaporizer coil? How to know if it is time to change the coil? Well, a vaporizer coil should be changed every one to five weeks for most users. Two weeks is a rough estimate, but it all depends on how much you vape. Dig in to know more about how you can learn in advance when and how to change your vape coils.

How do you know that your vaporizer coil requires replacing?

Whether you’re just a novice or have been consuming vape for a long time, knowing the obvious signs that it’s time to replace your coil is essential. Here are some things that’ll tell you whether it is time to change the coil or not:

Your vape has a burnt flavor:

This is probably the most prevalent sign that your coil needs to be replaced, and it’s something that most vapers will notice. When you vape, you’ll get a terrible “burnt” taste in the rear of your tongue that feels citric and unpleasant to the point of making you ill.

When a vape feels that bad, it’s time for a coil upgrade since the cotton and coil components have most likely burnt and are no longer reusable. For a premium vape kit, you can use the smok vapes coil for nord 2.

Your vape is making noise:

Some vaporizers and kits tend to gurgle, although this noise may indicate something different. It may be a severe problem with your e-cigarette, or it could be as simple as your tank flooding and the coil having to be changed.

Your e-liquid has an unusual flavor:

This one is a bit more difficult to describe, but most users will stumble across it. You’ll continue using the identical e-liquids as before, but you’ll notice that they’re no longer satisfying. Maybe they’re bland, or perhaps they’re strange, or perhaps they don’t have any flavor at all because of an old coil. You may be able to notice the change in the e-liquid itself: it could appear darker than usual, as if it’s changing colors when you pour it in the cylinder.

Your coil is consumed:

It all boils down to your vaping habits. It’s not so much about how long you’ve had a coil as it is about how frequently you vape and, on occasion, the e-liquid you consume. You may need to replace the coil every few days if you’re a regular user.

It may last a week or two if you are a frequent vaper but not especially heavy. Irregular or occasional vapers may discover that their coil only has to be changed every four weeks. Regardless of your vaping preferences, it would be best if you replaced your e-cig coil at least once per month.

How to change your vape coils?

If you’re new to vape mods after a history of throwaway vape pens, you might not be aware of how to change a coil. Fortunately, it’s a quick and easy procedure that you’ll master in no time. Here are the easy steps to change your used coils:

Take apart your vape:

You’ll need to dismantle your vaporizer to replace your coils completely. Don’t worry, since it’s not as challenging as it looks. Check your handbook for specific instructions, but usually, all you have to do is remove the container from the base of your vape. If you want to avoid getting e-juice on your hands, cover your gadget with a clean towel. To remove your container, turn it face down and twist counterclockwise.

Fill up your tank:

Change your coil when your device has little to no e-juice remaining. You may pour the vape juice into a garbage can. Pour it into a tiny bag of anything very porous, like kitty litter, and then toss the bag away if you like being extra cautious.

Pre-soak the wicking material on your fresh coil:

The dry tip in your vape gadget will combust if you put a new coil in it right away. Instead, according to the size of your coil, pre-saturated the fresh wick with 5-10 drops of e-liquid. To prevent mixing tastes, you might want to use the e-juice you want to replenish your tank with.

Switch the coils around:

Your coil will detach from the device’s bottom. You may now swap it out with the new, pre-soaked coil. Continue to wipe your hands with a paper towel if necessary.

Refill and replace your tank:

You may reassemble your vaporizer by putting the tank back on after your fresh coil is installed. After that, add your chosen e-liquid to your tank. Feel welcome to vape away now that you’ve got a new coil and some new e-juice!

In conclusion

From time to time, parts of your vaping setup may need to be replaced. Sometimes components need to be replaced, and in other instances, you may want to upgrade. As you begin to vape, you’ll soon get used to replacing coils. Adhere to the methods mentioned above and information to get the most out of your vape kits.


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