5 Great Tips for Using Your Smartphone

Have you ever thought about what you would do without your smartphone. Imagine if you were lost in another country, if you are in the queue at the cashier and realize that you do not have enough money on the card or that you have to get a certain person or information where you do not have access to the computer. Imagine sitting on a bus or train for 4-5 hours without your smartphone, huh? We take much for granted with all electronics today and easily forget how much easier our everyday lives are with smartphones.

Here we share 5 tips to make your life easier with your iPhone.

Are you out of money on your card or account?

Ugh how embarrassing when you are out shopping or shopping and standing in the cash register with too little money on the card. Here too, your smartphone is a rescue. Always make sure you have an app from your bank to manage all of your online bank accounts. That way, you can move money between your accounts at any time and refill the card you normally trade with.

If you run out of money, you can quickly and easily borrow money with your mobile phone. There are two good ways to borrow, either you send a text message with the amount you want to lend to a loan company or you go to the website of a loan company and apply there. These loans are called sms loans and normally you get your money the same day. You can also apply for more forms of loan on your mobile phone, but it is just sms loans that are naturally the most common loan applied via mobile. Have in mind though that the interest for these loans is generally very high.

Are you lost or afraid to drive a car in big cities?

You know your cell phone works like a GPS? Whether you have an Android mobile, iPhone or Windows mobile, there is an app on your mobile where you can see a map. In this map feature there is a built-in GPS where you can enter a destination address and then the shortest route is displayed directly on the map. If you want an even better GPS then you can buy more advanced GPS apps.

Best pleasure on the trip

If you are not so versed in the tech world then you may not know all the pleasures one can experience with a smartphone. Many amusements are completely free and we thought about a couple. Listen to your favorite music for free with the Spotify app. There you can search for your favorite artists and play the songs directly on your mobile, so don’t forget the headphones on the train or bus.

If you like games then you have millions of different small and big games to choose from. In fact, games have become really good in mobiles, much better than older generations of video games were, especially in terms of graphics. Go to your app store, such as App store or Google Play to search games and other apps.

Stream movies for free

Yep you read it right and you probably know that there are places online where you can download free movie, but we do not recommend that as it is illegal.

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