5G or Fiber – What to Choose?

There have long been discussions about whether to connect your home to fiber. Of course, it is not cheap and now it soon becomes too late to choose, if you do not want to pay more because they have to dig up again. For some, it is a matter of course while others are more doubtful as they already have a functioning ADSL or 4G.

Now it has also started talking about 5G which is said to be so good that people have now started to become even more hesitant about fiber. “Why fiber when I can get fast wireless ┬áconnection via 5G?”

There are several reasons why fiber is better than 5G, which I also think goes without saying.

As it is right now, 5G is only available in a few places in certain countries, mostly for testing. The plan is for 5G to be put into operation by 2020. But it will take some time until 5G is available to most people and especially to those living in rural areas. As it usually is with new technology!

Just because 5G can charge at 10-20 GB / second does not mean that the response time will be the same as with fiber, it is after all wireless we talk about. Response times go up and down and when the clock turns 6 when most people have come home, the response times can be even worse, just like it is with 4G. Also, keep in mind that just because you say that 5G can handle 10-20 GB / second does not mean that your speed will be the same as it is on paper. About 1 GB / second I would guess if you have a sensible router. Which is of course a good speed.

More and more technology gadgets such as home electronics and alarms are connected to the broadband. You should be able to see and control basically the entire home from your mobile even when you are away from home. Having such a home connected on mobile doesn’t really feel safe given that response times can vary.

You may not have or should have your home connected online, but streaming services such as Netflix and Play channels are becoming more obvious. With 5G, subscriptions will still have a limit per GB, which means you may not be able to see the next section of your favorite series or, at worst, the end of your program.

Of course it is a matter of taste and in some places 4G works perfectly okay. If you have a boat, cabin or caravan / mobile home then mobile is the only alternative. But think about it en extra time if you get the question about fiber or 5g.

If you are using ADSL and are comfortable with it, I can announce that this type of connection will be discontinued. Some municipalities have long since begun to wind down the copper wire in connection with the fiber being buried.

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