Amazing UFO seen in Dubai Sky has funnel of Air rising to it

A stunning UFO was visible in Dubai’s sky that left a Sri Lankan woman driving hypnotized. It was filled with air, which was rising to the dome-shaped light at the top. Dulanka Bandara, 34, realised that no one would believe her without proof so she pulled out her phone and snapped a photo while the car was moving. On Saturday, Mrs. Banadara was heading towards Burj Khalifa on the Al Khail Road. You think so? The image of a UFO, or lamppost with light above it is distorted due to the fact that the photo was taken from an automobile (i.e. Is it a trick or light? (Image: Witness convinced it was a UFO She is under no doubt that what she saw was not from this Earth, i.e. Extraterrestrials and beings from other planets are responsible for the vision. 7Days published the image that she took. In an exclusive interview with 7Days, Mrs. Bandara stated that she is certain it was a UFO. It’s obvious that the UFO is a spaceship by the way it looks and how the beam of light falls. It’s possible they visited us many times before but they can be seen or made invisible whenever they want.” Image via YouTube. Dubai is a moderate UFO hotspot. Ufologists describe Dubai as being a moderate UFO hotspot. Each year, approximately five UFO sightings are reported in the United Arab Emirates. Most cases can be explained by natural phenomena like tricks of light or the Venus planet. Some cases are hoaxes. Unexplained cases make up a small portion of the UFOs. These are true UFOs. The acronym UFO stands for Unidentified Flying object. 7Days quoted Ahmad Al Hairi as the CEO of Dubai Astronomy Group. He believes that this sighting could have been caused by a trick or light. This happens when you’re in a moving vehicle and there is a lampost on top. According to Mr. Al Heiriri, UFO sightings are reported from all over the world, but most occur in Europe, North, and South America. Video of a strange UFO captured in Dubai. This bright, unusual looking object was photographed with a funnel similar to it in February .


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