Apple May Release Fully Wireless Iphone 2021

Do ports really need a phone? Yes, according to top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple doesn’t like it anyway.

A high-end version of the iPhone completely without ports? Yes, that could become a reality as soon as 2021. This is according to the mostly correctly informed tech analyst and Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo in a recent document in which he provides information about Apple’s so-called roadmap.

The phone in question should offer a “straight-through wireless experience”, which sounds anything but far-fetched considering that it just lacks ports completely.

And sure, it should work, right? Charging can be done wirelessly, as is well known. Apple’s headphone output has long since dropped out. And to transfer data between the phone and other devices, most of us use wireless protocol forms. In addition, according to Kuo, Apple will choose to differentiate the more expensive and simpler phone models to a greater extent than they have done so far in 2021.

Kuo also provides information on an “iPhone SE2 Plus”, that is, a plus version of the “iPhone SE2” that both Kuo and other analysts claim is up and running early next year. However, the plus version should be up to date only 2021 and should not be equipped with Face ID.

Instead, Apple should have chosen to provide it with Touch ID built into the power button. As always when it comes to unconfirmed data that show up so far in advance, there is every reason to be skeptical. But Kuo has a near-spotless fact when it comes to early Apple data, so you should definitely not dismiss them.


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