The Innovation of Appliances and In-Home Technology

The Innovation of Appliances and In-Home Technology

Homes are currently the biggest target for tech company’s innovative and revolutionary products. Ranging from smart devices for living rooms to cooking and storage equipment for the kitchen, families are now embracing the modern way of living, which heavily relies on technology.

Below are some of the latest and flashy must-have tech for your home.


  • Stoves


Electric cooking is a necessity in every kitchen as it saves time and perfectly regulates the amount of heat for any type of meal. Electric cooktops now come in trendy designs, sizes, colors and user-friendly features for all to use at affordable prices.

Some notable extra features to look out for in a modern electric cooktop include:

  • Child Lock: This protects the unit from being used by children.
  • Keep Warm: The keep warm feature allows you to keep food placed on a particular burner for as long as that burner is still turned on.
  • Timer: Cooktop timers can be used to program the cooktop to turn off a burner or all burners at the desired time. This is handy when you’re cooking more than one meal on a cooktop with up to four elements.
  • Automatic Pan Size Recognition: As in the case of induction cooktops, electric cooktops that have this feature have burners that auto-adjust to suit the size of the pan placed on the burners. This is not a standard feature on all-electric cooktops and most don’t have it yet, including the high-end models.
  • Hot Surface Indicator: The hot surface indicator light warns you of burners that are still hot. It will keep you from accidentally touching your body with the surface, which can cause major injuries.


  • Coffee Makers


Coffee machines are constantly getting upgrades to give you a more perfect quantity and quality of your favorite caffeine drink. Long-lasting materials like stainless steel are now common for the high-end makers, and other high-tech features include trendy designs, faster speeds, grinding technology, and easy operation.

Apart from coffee customization and high-quality tastes, a notable advantage of these coffee makers is their affordable retail prices and easy maintenance that gives you value for every dime spent.  

Consider the following before settling for a coffee machine:

  • Brewing temperatures.
  • Maintenance costs.
  • Access and cleaning.
  • Special features.
  • Technological advancement.

The Jura Impressa A9 is a modern coffee maker that uses a lot of this modern technology to give you the perfect cup of coffee at home every time.


  • Refrigerators


Refrigerators are constantly being upgraded to include new features and look nice in your kitchen. They take up such a large place in your kitchen that you want the kitchen to look modern and be up with all of the latest trends.

Something that has been emerging in the last few years is outdoor refrigerators. Whether you have it in your backyard for a barbeque or while taking a weekend gateway road-trip, fridges still play an important role away from the kitchen. The latest outdoor fridges hitting the market come in durable long-lasting stainless steel material that can withstand extreme environmental influences such as wet and rainy conditions.

The best outdoor coolers have a wide freezing temperature range. The rapid freezing compartment is a good idea because it allows you to quickly cool your beverages and still maintain even internal temperatures while working in an unsteady surrounding.

Here are key factors to consider when getting an outdoor fridge:

  • Outside fridges must be waterproof.
  • Should not be placed near heat or an oven.
  • Stainless steel finish for protection from environmental influences. 
  • A powerful compressor and a good ventilation system to prevent icing and overheating.
  • The design and construction of the outdoor fridges don’t allow them to perform under temperatures below 40 degrees.

At-Home Technology Is Important!

Technology is taking over just about every aspect of our everyday life, and that includes in your own home. Innovation in the kitchen and living room is something people look for when purchasing a new home and, if they are building a home, they include the latest advancements.

What technology do you wish you had in your home?

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