Australian Laureate Professor Scott Sloan elected into The Royal Society

Professor Scott Sloan, Laureate of Australia has been elected to The Royal Society. The Royal Society is the highest honor for scientists and engineers in the world. This oldest academy of science on Earth is home to such greats as Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton. Prof. Sloan joins distinguished company that includes 80 Nobel laureates and 1 ,600 fellows of the Royal Society. He said, “I am thrilled by the news. Engineers are not very often elected Fellows of The Royal Society. Prof. Scott Sloan joined the distinguished fellowship in November 1660.. The Royal Charter was given to it by King Charles II and renamed ‘The Royal Society.’ Image: Adapted by The Royal Society. The Royal Society stated in a statement that Sloan was renowned for his pioneering methods to determine the final limit state of geostructures like tunnels, dams or highways. It is difficult to accurately estimate the limit load because geomaterials behave differently than other materials. This is due to the fact that they are dilatant and nonlinear and heterogeneous and highly dependent on groundwater conditions and pore pressures. “Professor Sloan’s research is based upon the limit theorems for plasticity and applied using novel finite element methods. Professor Sloan thanked the University team. He said that his election was a result of the tremendous work done by the University of Newcastle (Australia), team in the last three decades. He said that the geotechnical group at Newcastle has been a leader in their field, and it is home to many outstanding researchers from all walks of life. He completed his BEng and MEngSci degrees at Monash University, Melbourne. The University of Cambridge offered him a scholarship to study 1978.. He was awarded a Rouseball Scholarship by Trinity College which he held for 12 month. After three years of being a W W Spooner Fellow in New College Oxford for 3 years, he was awarded a Lectureship in Civil Engineering at University of Newcastle, Callaghan in New South Wales. In 2007,, Professor Sloan was appointed head of University of Newcastle Priority Research Centre in Geotechnical and Materials Modelling. In 2008., he was named a Laureate professor. He is the founder of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Geotechnical Science and Engineering. His prolific career has seen him publish more 340 peer-reviewed papers than any other author and he delivered over 40 keynote, plenary and invited papers at conferences. The University of Newcastle stated that he has accumulated 600 Scopuscitations each year, which puts him in the top of geotechnical innovation and the leading research in geomechanics. Sir Paul Nurse is the President of Royal Society. He stated that science and its applications are key to many aspects of modern life. “From diagnosing and treating diseases to creating safe tunnels and bridges to search for other worlds or vacuuming living rooms, science can help us better understand ourselves and make our lives easier.” Video: Founding of Royal Society


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