Benefits of Yoast SEO Premium – Complete Guide


Are you looking to improve your website’s SEO? Yoast SEO Premium can be a valuable tool! Yoast SEO Premium is available for free. What is the difference between Yoast SEO Premium and the free Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO can be great, but Premium is the real deal

Yoast SEO is a small business SEO tool that has been helping bloggers, marketers, and offline and online stores compete in search results for more than a decade. They have made the plugin even better over the years thanks to feedback from users and thorough research from search engine insiders. Yoast SEO is run by a team of passionate SEO professionals and is built by highly skilled developers.

The free Yoast SEO version gives you many tools to help you rank well in search results. Yoast SEO premium simplifies many tasks. As a result, you can actually save time and money by using it. Yoast SEO Premium offers additional tools such as the internal linking suggestions and the redirect manager. These tools can be combined to create a stunning site structure. This makes your site more user-friendly and easier to search engines. Yoast SEO Premium makes a smart investment.

1: Yoast’s SEO Premium is a time saver

SEO is a constant work in progress. This is a key point to remember. There is always more to be done, better content to create, or improvements to make. Yoast SEO, as you may know, is not a tool that can be set and forgotten. It requires you to use it whether you are improving your content or building your website structure. You will still have to do most of the work in the free version. Yoast comes with many tools that will save you a lot of time.

2: Makes site maintenance easier

You might need help if your website is becoming a full-time job. Premium makes it easier to maintain your site. Premium includes a stale content finder which reminds you to keep your most important content current.

The redirect manager is another tool that can help you manage your pages. This tool will automatically add redirects to URLs and pages you modify. Simply tell the redirect manager where you want it to take you. You can fix 404 errors quickly and easily with the redirect manager. No developer necessary. It’s so useful that 58% Premium users rate the redirect manager the best feature of Yoast SEO Premium

3: Useful tools to create a beautiful site structure

A solid website structure is a quick way to achieve success. Your content should be easily accessible by search engines and users. This will help them both understand your site. Yoast SEO Premium includes a variety of tools to help you create relevant links and build a strong foundation for your site. The plugin includes internal links blocks, a content finder, and a targeted inner linking suggestion tool.

The internal links suggestions will automatically suggest content for you as you write your content. All those posts can be referred to as pages.

4: Advanced language analysis to make writing easier

Yoast SEO is well-known for its SEO and readability analysis. These analyses provide valuable feedback that helps you create great content that follows a variety of SEO best practices. This process works well, but Premium makes it a lot easier and more flexible.

Premium includes a smart feature called Word Forms Support. This language analysis is innovative and not only analyzes the exact match of your focus keyphrase, but also all grammatical forms. For example, if you enter “decoration”, the analysis will also look at word forms such as “decorates” and “decoration” in your text. This is just like Google. When your focus keyphrase is more than one word, the words don’t have to be in the exact same order.

5: Use synonyms, keyphrases that are related to your text to enrich it

Search engines are getting smarter and context is crucial in SEO. Search engines use context to determine the content of a text. The importance of synonyms and related terms is increasing. Yoast SEO is free. However, you can only add one focus keyphrase. This is used by the plugin to optimize your post. Yoast SEO Premium is smarter than ever.

You can also add keyphrases and synonyms to your post. These keyphrases can be used to make your content more interesting. These keyphrases are closely related to synonyms in the Premium analysis.

The Semrush integration can be used to collect data and trends on your keyphrases. Premium users can easily add the keyphrases Semrush finds to your post by clicking a single button.

6: Optimize your posts prior to sharing them on social media

The social preview is one of the most used tools in Yoast SEO Premium. Previews allow you to see how your post will look on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is much easier to adjust the appearance of your posts to make them reach their full potential on social networks. The Zapier integration Premium allows you to automate publishing your posts to any social media platform of your choice.

7: SEO Workouts to get your website in shape

You’ll have access to the best SEO tools and our SEO workouts. These workouts combine everything you need to help you keep your website in top shape.

The cornerstone content workout will help you take care of the most important pages and posts on your site. In the abandoned content workout, you will discover pages and posts that have no internal links and fix them. You can improve the structure of your website by doing our internal linking workouts.

8: Access to our support team of world-class professionals 24/7

What happens if the plugin is not working properly? It would be great if you could speak to someone who can help you diagnose the problem. Yoast SEO Premium offers Premium Support. You can count on our helpful support staff to help you get up and running quickly.

A bonus is Yoast SEO academy access.

All Yoast Premium subscriptions include complimentary access to Yoast’s SEO academy. This is a huge deal. They provide many hours of educational material as well as the best WordPress SEO plugin. To help you get started, they offer five of their courses for free. Yoast SEO Premium gives you access to all 13 SEO courses. Yoast SEO, SEO copywriting and keyword research are just a few of the many topics that you can learn about.

Yoast SEO Premium is a great investment!

There are many reasons to sign up for a Yoast Premium subscription. You can save a lot of time by purchasing a premium subscription. Plus, you will have access to amazing tools that make it easier and more enjoyable to work on your website. You’ll also have unlimited access to Yoast SEO Academy for hundreds of hours of SEO training. If you have any questions, our support team is available to assist you.


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