By 2020, the New Gaming Consoles Will Arrive

It is just over a year to go until Microsoft and Sony release their new game consoles. At least if you are to believe the latest information.

The two competitors ended 2017 with the development of new game consoles. However, this was not an update to the existing PS4 and Xbox One, such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but to a whole new generation. According to rumors, they will be presented at next year’s E3 fair in Los Angeles and this is what we know so far.

Xbox Two

Already during this year’s E3 trade show, Microsoft revealed that they were working on a console that would represent “the future of gaming”, or the future of gaming. They claim that their new Xbox, long dubbed Project Scarlett, will be four times as powerful as its predecessor and capable of delivering 120 frames per second. A major focus is said to be on charging time and it should also have higher refresh rate and be backwards compatible. The console will be launched just before Christmas 2020 and released along with the game Halo Infinite.

Playstation 5

Like its US competitor, Sony has claimed that their new console, which has so far been called the PS5, will be a power pack. In a comparison video, the company showed how fast the new device will be. PS4 Pro loaded the game Marvel’s Spider-Man in 15 seconds while the new console did it in 0.8 seconds. It will support 4k and is rumored to be prepared for 8k. Otherwise, there seems to be several similarities between the Xbox and the PS console. What may differ, however, is that the PS5 is rumored to come with a voice-controlled AI assistant. This rumor is based on the fact that Sony recently applied for a patent on a voice assistant they call PlayStation Assist.

Too long to wait

There are those who believe that the game consoles time is running out. Mobile is becoming an increasingly powerful device. It is also the device that is often at hand. Better mobile games are being released all the time and 2019 has been a good game year. Big companies like Nintendo (Mario Kart Tour), Activsion (CoD: Mobile), Blizzard (Diablo Immortal) and EA Sports (FIFA Mobile) have all started developing mobile games. For some time now, it is also possible to stream games directly from the browser. Online casinos were among the first to launch their games on the web and it is often possible to play on lots of different slots. All that is needed is an internet connection, a browser and a reasonably strong and updated smartphone. You can then play on classic and advanced video slots, such as Batman Begins and Upgradium.

With more and more game developers investing in developing games for mobile, the game consoles’ time may be nearing its end. At the same time, many people can hardly wait for it to be in 2020 and both Xbox Two and PS5 will be released. Since the consoles will be backward compatible, old games will still be playable and it will be interesting to see what game developers can develop for games when it becomes clear what features will be in the new consoles.


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