Do all Drones Need a Smartphone?

What are Drones Used for?

As of right now, only the military’s and NASA are using UAVs to do their drone photography and monitoring. However, there is no reason why these private or military drone photography businesses need to stop using their UAVs to take photos and videos. There is absolutely no reason why all drones need a smartphone. In fact, they may be the ones to start making the phone available to the general public!


You may be asking yourself how on earth that would happen. How would the general public get their hands on a “drone phone” (aka smart cellphone)? How could the United States Military let its troops use a cellphone when it is illegal for them to be spying on the Chinese military?


It would make sense. After all, how would you know where your friend is if they never told you had to use a “cracked” iPhone or Android in order to get in touch? This is basically what would happen if your friend wanted to call you had to go through the process of cracking the door open to find out who it was. Now, wouldn’t that be funny?


A truly advanced piece of software would allow you to send a text message to a UAV and it would then connect to your personal smartphone. The software would act exactly like you would with your smartphone. Think about this: Do all drones need a smartphone? Not just the military’s or NASA’s?


What if you were at a football game and you lost your cell phone? Would you be able to use it to call for help or would you have to use your hand to punch in a code? That is pretty extreme, isn’t it? If you are still using your phone to take pictures of the game, would someone at the stadium find out that you lost your phone and your memory card too? Is it not likely that the people at the stadium could have hacked into your cellphone or that they could have changed your phone’s password? And what if the security guards noticed that your phone had a dozen or more missed calls and they somehow obtained your contacts and found out who you were talking to?


You see, the reason that we need to solve these problems is that we would need a device that could allow us to send a message or call for help if we had an emergency while we were away from our smartphones. The reason that we have all these other devices is because they are more convenient. They are quicker to use than a smartphone, but the problem with that is they are also less secure than our smartphones.


For instance, imagine this scenario: Your friend decides to throw a large birthday party at your house. You are at work and do not check your email or your calendar. Suddenly, you get a text from your best friend that says that he or she was at your house and saw two armed security guards outside with weapons pointed at you. This would immediately result in you phoning the police and tell them that you were at home alone and that there is a burglary in progress.


So, the question of the day is – do all drones need a smartphone? The answer is no, because you can easily turn it off. As long as you have a stable internet connection and you can arm your quadrocopter with a couple of weapons, you will not be bothered by a low level security guard. We are human after all, and just like you we need to rest easy in the knowledge that everything is safe.


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