Drones and Signifiers Should Prevent the Corona Virus in China

Payment to indicate persons suspected of being infected. Drones watching people outdoors and interrogating. In China, increasingly drastic methods are being taken to prevent the spread of the deadly corona virus.

The authorities in China are literally monitoring the population to prevent the spread of the corona virus. In some rural parts of the country, drones with cameras keep an eye on crowds of people outdoors.

A movie clip has been circulated on the social network Weibo when a patrolling drone discovered a crowd of people playing the popular social game mahjong in the southwestern city of Chengdu.

Playing mahjong outdoors is prohibited during the epidemic. You have arrived. Stop playing and leave the site as quickly as possible, an official voice says through a speaker.

Despite China’s efforts and measures to stop the epidemic, the virus has continued to spread. Over 360 people have lost their lives in China and more than 17,000 people have been infected in the country. The majority of them, 11,177 cases, have occurred in the province of Hubei. The same applies to all but one of Monday’s 57 reported deaths.

The pressure on local authorities to control the residents has also increased as a result of the Chinese New Year when many people who traveled to family or friends have now returned home after the leave.

Report suspected infected – and get paid

People in some cities have been offered compensation by the community for reporting people who may have been infected during travel. In Shijiazhuang, a city in the north, a payment of nearly SEK 2,800 is being made to report on any trip to Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, for the past two weeks.

In some residential areas in Beijing, private individuals have built their own barricades to prevent visitors and those who have returned from travel to get in without first interrogating and sharing their travel information.

“Even if you live here, you must not come in,” a security guard with a mouth guard answers at the entrance to a residential area in Beijing to the question from the AFP news agency about what applies with return from Hubei.

– Those from Hubei can catch the infection here. If you are from Hubei, you must notify the housing committee, he says.

People from Wuhan are criticized

At the same time as some Chinese people are praising the authorities’ efforts to limit the spread, distressed voices are being heard that consider Wuhan people to be criticized – instead of focusing on the virus itself.

– As a native of Wuhan, I feel very hurt. I am disappointed that people do not even express any sympathy, says Lucy Huang, a documentary producer who now lives in Beijing.

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