Excited extraterrestrial hunter: Alien home found on Mars.

An alien home has been located on Mars. It measures six inches in size. These extraterrestrial hunters insist their discovery is the definitive evidence that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe. The extraterrestrials living in this structure in Mars may be the same as those found in Chile’s Atacama desert. After studying an image taken by NASA’s Spirit Rover, which was a robot that traveled across the Red Planet’s surface, they discovered the alleged Mars discovery. It took pictures of the Red Planet’s surface and compared them to 2004. After getting stuck in Martian soil, it sent the last message to Earth on 22ndMarch 2010,. Is there another strangely-shaped, interesting Martian rock that could be the entrance to tiny alien homes, or is it something else? (Image from YouTube and NASA Spirit Rover) UFO and alien hunters Luxor(*]UFO uploaded their “proof” of six-inch-tall aliens entering their home on YouTube in June (bottom of this page). The Luxor(*]UFO claims the photo clearly depicts a structure on Red Planet. Scott C. Waring, who runs ufosightingsdaily.com, another UFO-Alien-seeking group, clearly cannot contain his excitement, and writes: “Check that NASA source … I dare you. This is the best discovery Scott has made in a week. It’s there. There is much speculation about what these tiny, intelligent extraterrestrials might look like considering that there are thousands of alien hunters all over the globe. Is it possible they are friendly? Could they cause us any harm? This depends on the existence or absence of any life forms on Mars. Top scientists have not yet found any proof. According to him, the doorway, described as “perfect”, measures approximately 3 by 6 inches (7. 62 cm 15. 24 cm). This 100% proves that there was once a small intelligent life on Mars. A carving is located right at the edge of the door – it’s probably the name or family that owns it,” wrote Mr. Waring. Response from readers. Mr. Waring’s reports were received by a variety of people, from skeptical to super-excited UFO-seekers. One reader called “nova” was skeptical about the explanation for the doorway, but she still believed aliens were involved. You can see this comment here: “Exciting find! It could be a small home’s doorway, but I am not so certain. It looks like it might be part of an old home, but it is missing the sister pieces. It probably served a larger purpose. It’s there! It’s there! It is a fossil and has been replaced completely by the surrounding minerals, so it’s now just a shell. (Image: ufosightingsdaily.com) Barzini Alll made this tongue-in-cheek contribution: “Since you can read alien language, (how else would you know its the tiny creatures’ name), you must be a genius.” Tania also doubted the house-entrance theory, but has not discounted the alien possibility: “A tool or something? The edges of the object are clearly not natural. It’s beautiful! “Final proof” – Yet again? Each week alien-seeking organizations claim they now have “final proof” that intelligent aliens exist. We don’t hear any more. A week later another “final proof” emerges. This is why? This is why? All ufosightings.com, Luxor2012, UFO’s and other UFO seeking websites’ claims about ‘final proof’ would prove to be true. There would be an alien-looking bear roaming the surface and sculptures depicting ancient Babylonian gods. Video: Structure of Mars house. In this video alien hunters describe how NASA’s Spirit Rover took a photo of a tiny doorway leading to an extraterrestrial home. The doorway they claim is six inches in height, suggests that aliens were tiny.


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