Fiber Optic Internet Solutions for Businesses

These days, you may come across several people recommending and insisting that you opt for fiber optic internet solutions for your business. You might wonder about if fiber optic internet solutions for businesses can actually improve your company’s overall performance. Get all your answers here!

Although the technology of fiber optic internet is fairly new, many businesses have benefited from it. If your business involves storing data and apps on the cloud, you must opt for fiber optic internet. Here are some other benefits of fiber optic internet.

1. Symmetrical speeds

Since there is a rise in online gaming, telecommuting, etc, more users require the upload speed to be symmetrical to the download speed. When it comes to fiber optic internet, the file upload and download speed are symmetrical. This is one of the main reasons why fiber optic internet has gained huge popularity.

2. Lower attenuation and latency

Latency refers to the delay experienced during data transfer. One of the main reasons why fiber optic internet is better for businesses is that it offers lower latency when compared to the other available broadband options. This is because it exhibits clearer transmissions and faster speeds. 

Attenuation refers to the loss or weakening of the signal. Since fiber optic internet has lower attenuation, it is able to deliver reliable internet services even in remote areas.

3. Unlimited data

Shared bandwidth is a common concept when it comes to using the internet in an office space. Throttling and data caps are used by ISPs for the management of bandwidth that is going out. You may have experienced the internet suddenly becoming slow during the busy hours or even when the user has consumed a specific amount of data.

When it comes to fiber optic internet, the user can use the internet to their heart’s content without worrying about the internet speed slowing down or consuming too much internet data. 

4. Faster speeds

The primary reason for several businesses switching over to fiber optic internet is the bandwidth capabilities of fiber optic internet. You can expect an internet speed of up to even 1000 Mbps when you opt for fiber optic internet. With such high speed, you can run whatever you want online without worrying about wasting your time when the content buffers.

Now that you are aware of how beneficial fiber optic internet services for businesses, let us talk about the different solutions offered by the same. When it comes to getting the fiber-optic internet connectivity, you will have to choose between dedicated and shared fiber optic internet solutions. 

Primarily this entirely depends on the demands and needs of a business. You need to thoroughly assess your business before making the choice between shared or dedicated fiber optic internet solutions.

Let us take a closer look at both the available solutions.

Shared fiber optic internet

As implied by the name, shared fiber optic internet means that more than one business enterprise is making use of the internet connection. In most cases, the performance of a shared fiber optic network does not suffer, but during peak hours the performance can slightly degrade. This situation may lead to:

  • Slower uploads and downloads.
  • Difficulty to access websites.
  • Underperforming websites.
  • Compromised quality of video conferencing.

If in case your business relies majorly on limited streaming, email, and browsing, and has only a few employees, it would not suffer due to a shared internet connection. However, if your business enterprise is quite large and there is a high use of the internet, a shared internet connection is not a good option for you, in fact, fiber optic internet services for businesses are the right. 

Dedicated fiber optic internet

With dedicated fiber optic internet, the internet connection is solely dedicated to a single user. In such a network, downtime is rarely experienced by the user. You can pick a dedicated internet connection if the following implies for you.

  • There is a constant and consistent need to download, upload, or transfer large files and data.
  • There is an increased demand for running websites and streaming content.
  • A large number of employees need to use the internet on an everyday basis for increased durations of time.
  • There are constant and continual demands for uptime and access.

If the above points apply to your business, then you must definitely opt for dedicated fiber-optic internet.

Making the choice between shared and dedicated fiber optic internet solutions needs you to accurately assess the current needs and demands of your business. It also means to gauge the demands and needs that may arise in the future for your business.

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