Giant rats found in South London were copies of Giant Swamp Rats photos

. A pest control worker caught a family of large rats that was as large as cats in South London. This hoax resulted in the capture of a number of rats twice as large as cats. These’recent photos’ were actually posted on the internet two years prior and featured a large type of swamp rodent which lives in tropical forests. The photographs of the “Giant London Rats” were posted by Lord Dean David Burr, 18 Jan 1980), a businessman and Lord of Wimbledon who had uploaded them as proof that he caught these huge pests at Tooting’s housing estate. National Geographic posted the top photo online in 2014 Giant Swamp Rats. The bottom image was placed online by Lord Dean Burr in 2016. It shows Giant London Rats that are as large as cats and which he “caught on a housing estate”. Guess who is lying? Images from National Geographic and The Daily Star. Cannibal rats. After his uncle’s death, Lord Dean Burr claimed that the Goliath rats had grown to be so big because they started becoming cannibalistic. They were eating each other. This explanation is bizarre, considering that human cannibals are smaller than any other humans on Earth. He said this in an interview published by the Daily Star on 15thApril. It’s possible these rats grew so large by eating and attacking smaller rats. We probably got most of the family. The rats were large, about a foot-to-two feet in length – they looked like cats.” Although the verdict is yet out regarding Lord Dean David Burr’s abilities to capture giant rats in London’s streets, one thing we know for sure: He can copy and paste photos! (Image: He claimed he discovered the giant beasts while carrying out a routine inspection of some traps he had set in a housing estate in Tooting. He claimed that the traps were ineffective because of their size. In his 15 years of experience as a pest control officer, he said he’d never witnessed so many rats together in Britain. It was a good idea to avoid confronting these animals. They will fight, bite, and defend themselves if necessary. This is an extremely serious problem. They’re getting larger and bigger.” Last week, Jeff Sullivan, a pest controller, claimed that he had caught a two-foot long rat in Grimsby (Lincolnshire), England. He claims that his claim is true. He claimed that British rodents have become more resistant to over-the counter rat poisons. (Image: However, Lord Burr’s photograph was nothing of the kind. The photo had been online for over two years. It was featured on both a National Geographic Channel page and The rodents were described on both websites as Giant Swamp Rats. Either the Wimbledon Lord is either a fool or has lost all his marbles. Video: Giant Rat: Is it real or fake? People post pictures online of giant rats that they claim to have captured. Is it real? Bill gives a brief look to one in this video.


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