Here’s Everything We Know About Playstation 5

Playstation 5 (PS5) is on the way. Here we gather confirmed news and rumors about the price, specifications and launch date for the next generation console.

2020-01-21: Game developers sure PS5 will show up in February

Last week, rumors broke down: Sony was reportedly planning a Playstation 5 event to be held on February 5. So far no one has verified this reputation from the 4Chan forum.

Now, however, game designer and developer David Scott Jaffe takes the blade from his mouth. On Twitter, he writes that the PS5 unveiling is “less than four weeks away”.

In a later tweet he writes that “I want to say it’s the worst kept secret in games right now. February reveal like they did for PS4 ”. So he thinks that the PS5 event is the worst kept secret in the gaming world, and that Sony will run a February event like they did with the PS4.

The reason why there is some kind of weight in what David Scott Jaffe writes is because he is behind several Playstation-exclusive game titles, including: “Twisted Metal” and “God Of War”.

2020-01-14: Leak: Then Sony shows off the PS5

Sony is slowly building up the mood for the next generation video game console Playstation 5. Details have been put out for several months, and in terms of specification we now have a pretty good look at the PS5. But what the console will actually look like, or we have not got any flashes of game.

However, a new leak hints that we probably won’t have to wait that long. The Techtastic site, which refers to 4chan, writes that Sony is planning a launch event on February 5. Only a few weeks away. If that will be the date we will see, but the fact is that Sony has announced that they will also abandon the E3 event this year. Which more or less confirms that Sony will be running its own launch event this year.

The same leak claims that Sony’s slogan for PS5 is “time to play”, the leak also comes with a number of new, obviously unconfirmed details. We line them up here:

PS5 release date: October 2020.

Price: 499 dollars, 449 British pounds, 449 euros.
PS5 comes in one version, ie no Pro version in 2020.
PS5 GPU (graphics): 10 teraflops. It’s just below the max version of the Xbox Series, it will get 12 teraflops.

2019-12-02: Leaked images show development unit

A V-shaped design is fitting considering that Sony’s next gaming console is called Playstation 5. At the same time, this image – published on Twitter by user Alcoholikaust – shows two copies of what is called a development unit. Thus, the custom-built hardware that developers can get permission to use to build console games. Development units rarely look like the product sold to consumers. An example of this can be found in the leaked image: in the background to the right are development units for Playstation 4.

What you can say is that the PS5 units in the picture match the patent illustrations that have been known before. And that the cooling system with the position of the fans is in some way should be reflected in the finished product.

There may also be Dualshock 5 controls we see in the picture. However, given that the new controls are said to be very similar in design terms to Dualshock 4, it is a bit difficult to say definitively.

2019-11-21: Playstation 5 award?

New yummy Playstation 5 rumors have reached the internet. This time it is about price and launch date. But let’s start with the cost – what will the price of the PS5 be?

According to the Twitter account, and the big leaker PSErebus, the recommended price of Playstation 5 in North America will be $ 499. What the recommended price will be in Europe is still unclear.

But to compare with the PS4 release, the launch price in North America was $ 399.

PSErebus has another interesting reputation. The Playstation has long been criticized for being poor at building backwards-compatible consoles. No longer apparently? PSErebus claims that the majority of games all the way back to Playstation 1 will work with the PS5. It therefore includes discs all the way from the CD to the Bluray era.

Playstation 5 controller

We already know a lot about Playstation 5. Sony has been very shitty with details so far.

And now Sony seems to have leaked more details about the particular Dualshock 5 control in its patent applications, which Video Games Chronicle was the first to discover. The patent shows a series of pictures of what is alleged to be the new hand control.

At first glance, Dualshock 5 looks very much like Dualshock 4. But there are some changes worth mentioning. The most noticeable change is that the light plate on the top of the DS4 seems to disappear. Also the USB port is removed to be replaced with USB-C. The DS5, by the way, looks to get slightly larger triggers, as well as slightly smaller levers.

Here you can see a picture comparing Dualshock 5 with Dualshock 4.

2019-10-08: Playstation 5 is released on Christmas 2020

It’s official: Sony’s next console is called Playstation 5. It will be released just for the Christmas holidays of 2020. It confirms Sony via its official blog.

At the same time, Wired magazine, again, has been given exclusive information about Playstation 5. The solid state disk that will minimize charging times should also be able to save space for developers. Space that developers can either use to create more detailed worlds, or simply deliver games that take up less storage space.

With Playstation 5, Sony will not abandon physical media. An optical blur reader with support for 4k should be able to receive 100 gigabytes.

Wired also writes that players should be given greater control over how they want to handle the installation of games. Sony states that you should be able to install individual parts of a game, such as only the multiplayer campaign, if it is only the one you are interested in.

Wired gets no information on the size of the ssd disk or what the Playstation 5 will cost, but at least the magazine is allowed to look at the new hand control, which is said to be similar to a Dualshock 4. The new control has customizable trigger buttons “that can provide different types of resistance “for example, to make a” shotgun feel different from a machine gun “. In addition, the room problem engines (the shaking function) have been replaced by haptic rendering.

Playstation 5, as we previously reported, will be gifted with an 8-core processor, based on AMD’s third-generation Ryzen series. It will also receive a custom graphics processor from Radeon’s Navi family.

However, Sony has now clarified that the PlayStation 5 ray tracing technology is being accelerated with the help of the new graphics card.

2019-09-09: “PS5 changes the gaming industry”

Next year, Playstation 5 is expected to be launched – but many specifications are already known and confirmed.

Now, Tim Ash, who is a developer at BoxFrog Games, claims that Playstation 5 will change the entire gaming industry.

“The addition of high-performance SSDs on the PS5 is a bigger thing for overall performance than many realize,” he told Business Times.

He believes that storage technology will not only affect players, but developers as well.

Furthermore, it is known that the PS5 comes with 8-run AMD Ryzen, the third generation, support for the super graphics raytracing and 8k.

– It’s a big step up. We get rid of many limitations in how many calculations we can do. We have many ideas that are very difficult, or even impossible to implement with today’s consoles. In addition, it significantly reduces development time since less time is needed for optimization, says Ash.

Verified specifications for Playstation 5:

Graphics: Support for 8k.
Sound: 3d.
Hard Disk: SSD (which is a bit more advanced than that of a common computer).
Processor: 8-grain AMD Ryzen, third generation.

2019-08-22: This may be the design on Playstation 5

Much has already been said about Playstation 5. But when it comes to the appearance of the PS5 console itself, information is still sparse.

The site Letsgodigital has now published a picture purporting to represent the design on PS5. The picture shows that Playstation’s technology manager Yusuhiro Ootori is responsible for the innovation. The Dutch blog thus found the image of the Brazilian INPI patent authority, and looks very good to be a game console.

Ootori was also responsible for the patent application for the PS4 design last year. You can see the picture in the slideshow above.

Sony shows PS5 charging times

Sony has talked specs, and painted the Playstation 5 as a monster console. But only now are they also showing how much faster the PS5 actually is, compared to the PS4. We can say thank you and goodbye to long charging times.

In the video above, Sony shows charging times. First, they let a PS4 load a game. It takes 8.10 seconds. When the PS5 loads the same game, it goes for an incredible 0.8 seconds. Then they show how the game flows in fast action-packed situations in a PS5, compared to its predecessor. The difference is big. Of course, it should be, given that the upcoming console is loaded with heavy stuff like an 8-core processor based on AMD’s third-generation Ryzen series, support for 8k graphics, 3D audio, and an extreme fast ssd hard drive.

2019-05-14: Analyst: Here is the price of Playstation 5´

Hideki Yasuda is a reputable Sony analyst. Now he claims to bring good news to all Playstation fans. He claims that the PS5 will be released on the market in November 2020. In addition, he claims, according to the T3 site, that the PS5 will cost $ 499. Considering the technology the console will be gifted with, it sounds like a low price. When the Playstation 4 was fresh from the factory, it started selling for $ 399.

Yasuda claims in the report that Sony expects to sell 6 million units in the first year, and 15 million units in year two.

It should be added that the information is not confirmed by Sony. Moreover, Yasuda has been wrong in the past. Two years ago he predicted that PS5 would reach the market as early as 2019, so it was not. We’ll see if he gets it right this time.

2019-04-16: Sony releases first details of Playstation 5

Sony has finally released the PS5 cover. But start by disappointing the PS5 thirsty reader: the console will not be launched in 2019, and no official launch date is yet to be announced.

All the more fun: The PS5 comes with a lot of interesting specifications, and some cool and groundbreaking technology. That’s what Mark Cerny says in an exclusive interview for Wired.

If we keep the specifications short: Playsation 5 comes with support for 8k graphics, 3d audio, an extremely fast ssd hard drive. In addition, the PS5 is made backwards compatible.

However, Mark Cerny, who is one of the brains behind Playstation 4, says the new console will not just be a specification boost. The system has been completely overhauled. The Playstation 5 will be gifted with brand new hardware, which includes an 8-core processor based on AMD’s third-generation Ryzen series. It is built on AMD’s latest architecture: 7pm Zen 2. It will also receive a custom GPU from Radeon’s Navi family. What does that mean then? Well, it is possible that the console will be able to play with the super graphics of the future: raytracing.

Raytracing is a computationally heavy method for creating photo-realistic graphics. Just a decade ago, several hours were required on a server farm to be able to push a single frame. The technology has been used for animations and special effects in films. So it will now be available in a game console.

Putting in 3D audio, Sony hopes that with the help of the sound, the player will perceive the games as even more immersive, whether using headphones or speakers.

Verified specifications for Playstation 5:

Graphics: Support for 8k.
Sound: 3d.
Hard Disk: SSD (which is a bit more advanced than that of a common computer).
Processor: 8-grain AMD Ryzen, third generation.

2019-04-02: Is this the controller for Playstation 5?

We have become accustomed to credible leaks about upcoming smart phones in recent years. When it comes to video game consoles, however, it usually tends to be thinner with such.

With that said, pictures of alleged Playstation 5 controls have begun to spread on Twitter. According to some rumors, the next generation Playstation is expected to land in 2020. In such cases, it would not be entirely inconceivable for game developers to have access to development kits, so-called devkit already, including DualShock 5 controls.

It is difficult to determine the truth level in the pictures. But if you allow yourself to believe in them, the hand control is like the PS4 control. The difference seems to be in the weight, it is a bit barking. That and that the PS5 control looks to get a screen on the surface where the PS4 control had a touch screen.

2019-02-22: GTA as main title when PS5 is launched?

Now Sony is officially spilling some beans on the upcoming console Playstation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman Shawn Layden says in an interview that Sony will put more focus on multiplayer, just right for PS5, writes T3.

This will probably make the experience for players who appreciate online much better. But the fear is that you will lose focus on well-made story-based games. A recent example of a good one is Red Dead Redemption 2, which was released last fall.

T3 also writes that Playstation is working to improve the VR experience with the PS5.

Other rumors claim that the PS5 will be launched this year or next year, with a new GTA as the main title.

2018-12-10: Is Playstation 5 2019 launched after all?

In response to the question, a lot of it indicates. The rumors surrounding when the highly-awaited console will be launched have fallen apart. Now, the final bid seems to be that Sony’s Playstation 5 will be launched by Christmas 2019.

That information comes from the same leak that stated that Sony has chosen not to participate in E5 2019. Therefore, many people choose to believe in this information. Reddit user RuthenicCookie4 wrote that Sony will hold a small viewing in mid-2019. That would mean next summer, just like E5. Cozy in such cases to run a separate display for the PS5. According to the same user, this should be followed up with a big presentation during PSX, ie Sony’s “Playstation experience”, just until Christmas 2019.

Sony chose not to run a PSX this year. Could it be because of saving the gun for the launch of the “monster console” PS5? Site T3 thinks so. This would also mean that the PS5 gets a major lead in the market against Microsoft’s expected Xbox Two, which according to rumors will be launched in 2020.


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