How Apple Pay Works

Mobile credit card payment solutions are becoming more popular and can be used in more and more stores. It can be difficult to know how to go about connecting your credit card to Apple Pay and therefore we have gathered all the information you may need in this guide.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment method from Apple that was launched in the US in 2014. This payment method can only be used with selected Apple products such as iPhone, Ipad and MacBook. Apple Pay is linked to the Passbook app and Touch ID for maximum security.

Since Apple Pay means having to store your card on the phone, many are doubtful about security. But Apple has made it so that the card details themselves are not stored on the phone. Instead, a unique transaction number and unit number are created that are unique to your card and phone. All sensitive data is encrypted and thus protected.

There are several banks and card issuers that Apple Pay works with today and more seem to be on the way. Among other things, Mastercard and Visa work if you have these cards are through banks that support Apple Pay.

Setting up Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay is very easy but you have to meet certain criteria to start the process:

  • Must have a legitimate device
  • A bank or credit card that is supported and comes from a bank that participates in Apple Pay
  • The latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS
  • An Apple ID logged into iCloud

If you meet these criteria, you can start setting up your Pay. In total there are 4 steps in the process and we will list them below so that you can quickly and easily get started and use the payment method.

Go to the Wallet app and tap the blue plus sign in the right corner.
Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new card. You will also see a demonstration on the phone if you become uncertain during the process.

When you have followed all the steps, press “Next”. Your bank or card issuer will confirm the information you entered and will then decide whether or not to use your card with Apple Pay.

When the card you have chosen to add to Wallet is confirmed, press “Next”. Your credit card is now ready to be used with Apple Pay in the stores where the payment method is approved.

How Apple Pay is used in stores and online

Apple Pay can be used to make payments both in stores and online. If you pay at a store, you should look out for the Apple Pay symbol, which shows that the store accepts this payment method. For physical payment in store, you can choose to either verify with Face ID or Touch ID to approve your payment.

For example, if you have chosen Touch ID as the identification method, you keep your finger on Touch ID, then move the upper part of your iPhone within a few centimeters from the card reader until “Ready” and a checkmark appear on the screen. This means that the payment went through and everything worked.

If you instead want to use Pay online or in apps, it works just as well. For the apps and sites that use Apple Pay, there is either a dedicated button to press Pay or you can choose it as the payment method just as you can choose direct payment or invoice.

Here, too, you need to verify your payment via Touch or Face ID if you make the purchase through your iPhone.

We hope this guide has clarified how Apple Pay is set up and used.


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