How IoT Technologies can Help People to Safeguard from COVID-19 after Quarantine?

Existing technologies will take a front step to keep everyone safe during and after we get over the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. Ask me how and why? Later quarantine, we all might start functioning as previously and try to get back to our normal life. Still, the impact of a pandemic does not get over because we do not have the antidote or vaccines introduced yet. 

At least for 2 years or until we get a permanent cure for the coronavirus, social distancing is mandatory and to go contactless is very necessary. Hence many companies are adapting to iOT technologies and smart technologies to provide secure and safe services to their customers. 

Before getting deep, let’s discuss the basics here.

What is iOT?

If you are a newbie to the tech world, then it is hard for you to know about the IoT. Well, iOT refers to the Internet of Things. The IoT technologies offer fully automated solutions and it is highly scalable. In recent times, the wearable electronic gadgets that come with IoT technologies are facing explosive growth.

Also, the future of the IoT technologies is going to be bright and the iOT solution could deliver potential growth in the health industry. The emerging healthcare tech using iOT technology will boost individual safety right after the quarantine restrictions.

iOT Solutions During Pandemic Quarantine 

These technologies were into implementation previously in big houses and corporate companies, but now iOT solutions will be everywhere. The solutions will be configured in industrial iOT devices, which can be an aid and protection for remote learning, health monitoring, contactless services, public safety, and finally, reducing the impact of infection.

The recent statistical report released by Statista states that companies’ spending on iOT will reach up to $1100 billion by 2023. So you can imagine how such smart technologies are moving faster around. If you look at some real-time and interesting examples of iOT technologies used, you will definitely want to have something for your home or office.

Moreover, iOT will be a worthy investment in 2020 because you can handle multiple things with technology. Let us have a look at such industrial iOT devices that keep us safe from this pandemic until it settles down completely.

List of Few Vital and Interesting Usage of iOT Technologies after Quarantine 

During the Quarantine period, almost every one of our contacts and potentially using surfaces are minimized from getting infected. However, it will not be the same scenario once the Quarantine is lifted. Just imagine the start of community spread of the COVID-19 virus after the quarantine period, it’s just a panic isn’t it! 

Well, in such a critical situation making use of the iOT technologies wisely will help us to live safely with all our everyday activities under proper governance. The year 2020 will become the smart solution in history with the aid of iOT technologies thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here we have illustrated a few of the examples of how the iOT technologies can help people to safeguard from the deadly COVID-19 virus after quarantine. 

1. Drones and robots

When the coronavirus was on peak and hitting more lives throughout the world, China immediately brought in drones and robots for healthcare purposes. As we all know that contact is one of the main factors that spread the virus, right from food till medicine, robots have sent everything to the patients who were kept in isolation. Likewise, drones have been used to sprinkle disinfectant liquids over the streets. Robots did grocery shopping for those who were isolated in their houses and helped them avoid being prone to increased infection. 

Apart from grocery shopping and delivery, robots were engaged in food delivery, medical supplies to hospitals and houses, along with patrolling streets. Also, integrating programming into these robots supported them doing all kinds of work at hospitals, with a timeline set so that it was easy for medical officials to handle the situation well.

2. Smart devices 

During the pandemic, it is necessary to not touch your face or surface around you often because the virus can be anywhere spread by anyone. It is quite difficult to be so conscious all the time to wash our hands and keep the surface clean. Hence to make even those things automatized, here are few inventions that many hospitals, individuals, companies, etc. can consider. 

3. Wrist band Pavlok

This is a new smart invention that produces a small amount of electricity when you tend to exhibit any of your bad habits. Your bad habits will already be stored in the device as a programming module where it produces a harmless shock inside your wrist, warning you not to do that activity, as it is a bad habit. Likewise, it could help prevent yourself from touching your face when you intend to do so.

4. Smart sinks and mirrors

Here are two other great inventions using smart technologies, with which you will be enthralled. Smart sinks will help you with controlling soap dosage and water flow, ensuring that you wash your hands properly. The mirrors help you with a 30-second countdown so that the liquid is not wasted and also removes bacteria and viruses completely. 

5. Smart sanitizing carpets

You can soak these carpets in the disinfecting liquid, which will throw some weight on it. By standing on those carpets for at least 10 seconds, will clean your shoes and sanitize it properly.

6. Smartwatches and bracelets

Though it is an existing product that is already used by many, it is again a useful one to account for and display your temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, which is preferred to be performed before these pandemic days. Using this device, you can even share these reports with a doctor just with a single tap.

2020 – The Year of Smart Solution

Apart from those, there are few more groundbreaking inventions done by the experts around the globe and few of them are described for your awareness in the below sections. 

Like we mentioned earlier, the year 2020 will surely be the year of the smart solution in history. Very soon we may have smart air purifiers and sanitizers to be occupied by companies once the lockdown period gets over and employees turn back to office usual. Similarly, people may witness the arrival of voice-controlled elevators, contactless doors, carpets with smart sanitizing solutions, and more. 

In addition to those, Kuang-Chi a Chinese based technology company came up with the unique invention of a helmet with infra-red cameras that will help cops/people to identify diseased people easily. With it, people can easily identify infected people and maintain social distancing.

Companies should be smart enough to incorporate such technologies to serve their customers better, and similarly, the public also should adapt to using iOT technologies and smart technologies for leading a healthy and smooth life.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to invest wisely during this COVID-19 period consider investing in iOT solutions or iOT technologies. iOT technology will create a smart environment where people can ensure not getting infected with the COVID-19 virus. Believe it! Touch-less is going to be the success mantra for people for the upcoming few years.

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