How to Easily Change Image Size in Windows 10

Microsoft Photo Software makes it tricky to resize images. However, they provide another program that greatly simplifies.

If you resize an image, the file size may be smaller, which makes the image easier to send, for example. However, you will lose information in the image during reduction, which cannot be recovered.

Windows 10 has a pretty decent photo and image editing app in the form of Photos, but the program places more emphasis on features than on usability. You may have discovered that its user interface is not intuitive to use and that most of the features are well hidden. In addition, the program wants to take away control of your images.

To quickly resize an image, Powertoys, Microsoft’s experimental software, is a better, more convenient alternative. You install it on

Read more in our guide here, but note that more tools have been added since that article was written.

  1. Open PowerToy.
  2. Go to the app settings.
  3. Select the Image Resizer tab and set the function slider to the On position.
  4. Click Add size to add your own size.
  5. Give it a name, specify a width for the image and set it to Fill. Leave the height blank to get a proportionally resized image.

Once you have done this, you can quickly and easily resize images using Windows Explorer.

Right-click on an image and select Resize pictures.
Select a preset size in the window.
Click on the Resize-associated entry. A copy of the image is saved in the original image folder. Note that it is possible to select several images at the same time.

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