How to Turn Off Widgets on iOS 10 & Manage Them Effectively

iOS 10 has plenty of great features and improved performance functionality. The widget is one of the best changes, and it can be quite helpful in interacting with an app or an operating system. But, at the same time, a new widget screen is known for having the potential to pose security and privacy threats.

To get rid of this problem, it is important to disable them. Here, you will learn how to turn off widgets on iOS 10 and more things.

What Are Widgets?

 Widgets are easy-to-use software applications that every trending iOS app looks for. Using widgets on your device, you can get timely information from your loved apps at a glance. This vital element of GUI helps to access quick and relevant information without opening the application. 

They are excellent for apps such as weather, battery levels, calendar events, and more. You can even extract RAR files from the widgets to download on Mac. According to, you can use RAR extractors to extract the file components on Mac. 

Examples of Widgets on iPhone

Most iPhone users are taking advantage of widget support. With the launch of the latest iOS versions, Apple introduced home screen widgets. Along with providing the best information from apps, they provide an excellent way to customize the home screen. Widgetsmith is a unique widget that helps customize the Home screen by using it with custom iPhone app icons.

How do Widgets Work on iOS? 

Widgets include scroll bars, window edges, pull-down menus, progress indicators, toggle buttons, and lots more devices for showing information. But, unlike other devices, you cannot interact with widgets on the home screen of your iPad and iPhone. You also can’t interact with them on Today View. However, they will appear in real-time. You can also add them to your Home Screen to get information.  

Manage Widgets on iPhone

  • Add Widget to iPhone Lock or Home Screen 

Accessing the widgets to your iPad or iPhone’s lock or home screen is quite easy. Swipe to the right on the lock or home screen of your device. Click Edit at the screen’s bottom and search for the required widget. Next, click the + green icon next to the selected widget you want to add. Choose a widget and then select from available widget sizes and click Add Widget. After adding all the widgets, click the Done option.

  • Disable iOS 10 Lock Screen Widgets 

If you are wondering how to turn off widgets on iOS 10 then simply open the Settings app. Click Touch ID & Passcode. Uncheck Today View and Notifications View by swiping right from the device’s lock screen. If you have any privacy problems, edit which applications appear in a specific widget area by clicking Edit. However, if you don’t want anyone to keep replying to any appearing message, then disable Reply with Message.  

  • View Widgets on iPhone 

If you want to see widgets in Today View, then swipe right from the left of the Home or Lock Screen. Next, scroll up and down. However, if your iPhone is locked and you want to view widgets, then head to Settings. Click Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode. Turn on Today View and Search. Face ID & Passcode is required on an iPhone with Face ID. In comparison, Touch ID & Passcode is essential on other iPhone models.

  • Move your Widgets

If the widgets you are using are not in the appropriate position, moving them is the only solution no matter whether you are using Today View or Home Screen. Press the Home Screen and hold it until the required apps begin jiggling. Then, press the required widget and drag it to the place you want it to be present. Now, you can release your finger. You can follow the same procedure for the Home Screen and Today View.  

  • Edit Widgets on iPhone 

As mentioned above, most widgets can be customized from the iPhone Home Screen. Hence, they show the most relevant information you would like to get. You can customize a Smart Stack to switch through widgets based on several parameters. For editing, open the Quick Actions menu by holding a widget. If you see the Edit Widget, click on it. Now, select options. Once you choose any option, click Done.   

Use Today View’s Special Widgets 

If you want to use something unique that you can’t use on iOS devices, then Today View is a great option. It has amazing widgets that are otherwise not available on the home screen. They are actually from third-party apps. All you have to do is swipe to the right and click Edit. Hit Customize and select the required widget. Tap on the + sign and click Done. If you wish to remove them, follow the same steps and click the – sign and Remove.


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