In 2015, Canada saw 1267 UFO sightings. This is almost a record

. According to the 2015 Canadian UFO Survey conducted by Ufology Research (formerly Ufology Research of Manitoba), this survey shows that there were three to four UFO sightings per day. The last year was the most recent in terms of the number of reported sightings in Canada of unidentified flying objects. One ,981 sighting was reported in the year 2012,, when everyone was talking about Mayan Calendar predictions of the so-called “end of the universe”. In 2013, the report count dropped to one ,180 while there were 1,0 21 sightings in 2014. Last year, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Manitoba as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba had more UFO reports than 2014.. 15th January, 2015. The sky was filled with these three objects. Eyewitnesses identified the top object as a jet. Two other objects were left unclassified. (Image: A bumper year for Quebec Quebec, with thirty-five percent of all Canadian UFO reports, was the 2015 hot-spot for mysterious objects in the sky. Quebec is home to a small percentage of sightings, ranging from 5% up to 15%. Nearly 12% all sightings in the last year were classified unexplained. An average sighting of an unidentified flying object took 2015. sixteen minutes. The study authors found that over half the sightings were simply lights from the sky. Additionally, witnesses claimed that they saw boomerangs, spheres, and point sources of light. Report authors wrote that witnesses claimed to have seen boomerangs and spheres as well as point sources of light and boomerangs. Paul Shishis is an Ontario resident who took the photo. Cryptozoology News spoke to him: “I was enjoying a wonderful morning outside and had just finished a smoke, when I noticed something from the East. It was near our roof. It was very dark and moving in an irregular flight pattern. The UFO was moving in a circular pattern above the roof. Why is Canada so popular for sightings of UFOs? According to Ufologists, sightings in Canada are still high. There have been many theories. It is high that UFOs have been visible from Earth, and we were able to see them. More classified and top-secret military operations have taken place, as well as overflights in densely populated areas. It is becoming more common for people to not be aware of the existence of conventional or natural objects in the skies. It is becoming more common to look up at the skies and find UFOs, or simply enjoy the views. It is now easier than ever to capture photos and report sightings thanks to the internet and smartphones. People have turned to the skies for help and comfort as a result of the economic downturn. The number of UFO sightings reported in Canada has increased significantly since the beginning of this century. (Image: 2015 Canadian UFO Survey. While more than half the UFO sightings were simply lights visible in the night sky and less than half had interesting shapes, some UFO sightings did include objects of definite forms. In the media, psychologists have frequently commented that there has been an increase in sightings across most of the globe due to the increased number of sci-fi series and movies that have recently appeared on TVs and cinemas. Market business news has reported several UFO sightings in the last two years. UFO Report Types After analysing all UFO reports for 2015,, the authors discovered a similar breakdown as in previous years. In 2015, less than 2% were reported as Close Encounters. Very few UFO cases were related to distant objects seen in the skies. The authors stated that this stat is important because it shows how few cases involve anything other than distant objects seen in the sky. A number of aircraft reported an enormous object that had a bright white light in its center and a large halo surrounding it. The UFO was traveling northbound. According to one pilot, the UFO seemed to have fallen from the sky. 15th February, 2015, at 5. 55pm, Vancouver. An unusual object was observed floating over high-rise apartment buildings. It looked almost like a flying saucer to an observer who was using binoculars. The object had at least five to six red and green lights all around it. The bird flew past buildings before reappearing and disappearing. 8th April, 2015, at 3. 21am, Brantford, Ontario. The object looked like an egg-shaped boomerang and was moving slowly over the trees. The lights flashed slowly above the tree line. There were two lines of light running along the undercarriage and one at its tip. Witnesses in cars said that they were driving underneath the vehicle as it passed over. 10th May, 2014, 10. 30 am, Kamloops, British Columbia. The formation of four lights moving in a coordinated fashion across the sky was observed. They were seen to move from the north-northwest. The lights formed a triangular shape, then separated into a rectangle and finally a straight line. They joined the four others from the southeast. Two additional members of the group appeared and formed a big ‘C” shape in the sky. Then they remained motionless for several more minutes. The last two of the four members left the group five minutes later. They continued to do shapes, and the remaining four went in the opposite direction. 24 on September 1st, 2015, starting at 8 PM, Napanee (Otario). A bright object, resembling a star, started to emit pink “tentacles” and was then transformed inside-out. The object transformed into a dark “rowboat” with two lights that resembled cement barriers. A large round, blue-colored ball was visible above. Witnesses felt a strange, tingling sensation when the craft emits a blue light. The craft was about the size of a large building. It moved slowly, but steadily upwards before disappearing from view. Unidentified Flying Object was the term that emerged from the 1950s of the United States. People used to call it a ‘flying disc’ or a ‘flying suiper before that. Video of UFOs filmed in Canadian Sky (Warning: One speaker in the video uses Fword).


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