Is it Possible to Sneeze While You are Sleeping?

Is it Possible to Sneeze While You are Sleeping?

Can you really sneeze while you’re sleeping? Or is it just a myth that people believe because they’ve heard it so many times. The truth is, it is very possible to sneeze while you’re asleep, but it isn’t something that happens very often. Some people say they occasionally have an “off” sneeze, but it usually passes quickly and is nothing to be concerned about. Others say they’ve had enough of it and seek medical treatment for their problem. Here are the facts about sneezing while you sleep:


It’s true – you can indeed have an off sneeze while you sleep. This is probably what people mean when they say “Sneezing while you sleep.” The problem is that your body is trying to rid itself of bacteria and other irritants that may be in the air, so it goes into overdrive and starts sneezing out a lot of bad smelling gases. This can reduce allergy symptoms quite a bit, so a lot of people find that by keeping their bedrooms well ventilated and free of pet dander they can reduce the number of times they have a full-blown sneezing fit every night.


Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you are taking better care of yourself if you want to reduce allergy symptoms while you sleep. It’s also important to make sure that you don’t have any other health problems that might be aggravating your current condition. While you are looking at all of this, you may be wondering – is it possible to sneeze while you are sleeping?


Yes, there are several things that can happen when someone sneezes while they are sleeping. You could end up with a full-blown asthma attack, for one thing. Another thing that can happen is that your throat or nose may become really dry, which makes it very difficult to breathe at night. This can lead to congestion in your chest, which can cause you to start sneezing out more greenish-yellow mucous. And finally, you might not notice any of these things, since sneezing while you are sleeping will usually just wake you up a little bit and you’ll be fine again in a few short hours.


All of these different scenarios can happen at any point in time, or they might happen at different times of day. It’s hard to say what exactly causes the onset of sneezing while you are sleeping, since the cause of sneezing itself isn’t clear. Allergy symptoms, of course, tend to run in families, and studies have found that a common family history of allergies is one of the best predictors of someone developing chronic allergic symptoms. Shingles is another example of this. If one of your close relatives has had shingles, you are more than likely to have it as well, although this is not necessarily true in all cases.


The other main type of thing that can happen while you are asleep is that you can actually have a full-blown sneezing attack. These are actually fairly common, although not everyone who sneezes while they sleep experiences them. It’s mostly caused by allergies and it’s fairly easy to find out if you have a problem by taking an allergy test, which most health stores will do for a fairly reasonable price.


People who are suffering from hay fever or some other type of pollen or allergic reaction should definitely take a serious look at their immune systems. The reason is that pollen and other allergens are often carried in the air. If you are prone to sneezing while you sleep, then chances are good that your allergies are making your problems worse. You might be wondering how you can deal with your allergy problem, and there are certainly a few things that you can try to alleviate your symptoms.


If you are looking for answers about is it possible to sneeze while you are asleep, then you may have already noticed that your bed partner has started sleeping in a different room to you. If this is happening to you, then consider helping them out. Many people find that going to bed earlier really helps ease the symptoms of sneezing when they are asleep. Also, if you are drinking lots of coffee or tea when you are trying to figure out is it possible to sneeze while you are asleep, try cutting back on those beverages, and see if your problem improves.


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