Is Product Key Same As License Key?

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The answer to this question is not that easy. Firstly, we must see what license is. A license is a kind of security clearance for intellectual property rights and it is a legal right granted by the owner to certain distributors or owners. The use of this right depends on the terms and conditions of the contract between the two parties. We will see the technical definition of a product key later.


A product key, on the other hand, is a coded string of numbers that allows activation of certain software only with the right digital code. You will find it in softwares that allow activation of restricted software. This can be a very simple key, or more sophisticated. Some of the well-known examples of product keys include credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and passwords. Now let us see the technical explanation of license and product keys.


Licenses are terms given to specific use of a particular software program. For example, a software engineer will have the ability to use the software for a certain purpose, but he cannot use it for a third party’s use. In this case, he has secured a license. Similarly, an architect will have the exclusive right to use a particular software program and cannot use it for another person’s use. A software developer, on the other hand, might have the ability to use a particular software program and the use of it in the customers’ computers, but he cannot sell the whole software to a third party.


Product keys, on the other hand, are used when creating a software product. A product key must be produced before a product is released to the market or to a particular end user. In a nutshell, a product key identifies a particular software product and ensures its proper functioning. The use of product keys ensures that the software will not function wrongly and does not harm anyone’s computer. Without these keys, a product cannot be sold or promoted, because if it damages someone’s computer, then the company cannot be held responsible.


The use of product keys has become increasingly common in recent years. With the advent of the Internet, people often use their hard-earned money to buy software. When a software product is produced, usually a license comes along, which the buyer uses to produce and install the product in his/her computer. However, this kind of key is not confined to Internet related products. Any product that you buy can have a license key.


With the proliferation of computer viruses and malware, it is not uncommon for users to lose their license keys or to find out that their product keys have been lost or stolen. Because license keys are very important for proper functionality of a software product, most manufacturers provide a method of recovering your lost or stolen license keys. The manufacturer usually offers a free scan to determine whether or not your license key may be recovered.


Since product keys are very important and require a special key to operate a specific product, many products will come with a recovery key. You should always check the expiration date on your product keys to make sure that you do not expire your key before you know what to do. Expiring your key will ensure that no one else can make use of your key to operate your computer.


It is very important that you understand what a product key is. When looking at online products, it is also vital that you examine the license keys that come with them. You need to make sure that the license key provided with the software or the product that you are buying is indeed the right key for the product. If you suspect that you have lost your product key, you should contact the manufacturer immediately to get your key replaced. If you are unsure whether or not the key that came with the product is the right one, you should immediately contact the retailer to find out.


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