Jia Jia, an interactive robot that looks almost exactly like a human

During a presentation Jia Jia was astonished by the fact she looked so much like a mature female human. A team of researchers from China’s University of Science and Technology in Hefei created the robot and displayed it at the multi-media center of the university. The robot looked very human and natural, with many people commenting on how much it resembles a woman like Jia Jia. With a welcoming message, the robot said “Hello everybody! I’m Jia Jia.” “Welcome!” Jia Jia speaks and then shifts her gaze towards you, moving here eyes. This creates a feeling of wonderment, mixed with fear. Although you are aware that she isn’t human, it is hard to believe she could be. Image: USTC. When Jia Jia was approached by journalists and robotics enthusiast, Jia Jia said that she would not allow them to get too close when taking photographs. You will look fat. What exactly is a robot? It took three years to create this incredible robot. The Jia Jia robot research and design team from USTC (University of Science and Technology of China), also developed the Kejia model service robot. It took three years for them to develop Jia Jia, a new interactive robot capable of moving its lips and body and showing micro-expressions. The left picture shows her looking forward, but her eyes then shift to her left in second image. This is an amazing human-like behavior. Chen Xiaoping (Team Leader) explained that the new robot is able to roll its eyes naturally and can sync its speech with lip movements. It also displays an amazingly human-like appearance. Dr. Xiaoping stated that Jia Jia will need to undergo further trials and research before it can cry or laugh like a person. Interact more with people in China. Dr. Xiaoping spoke to China’s Xinhua news agency and stated that the robot will be able to learn deep. We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people.” Super realistic #robot goddess cracks jokes and calls its creator ‘My lord’ https://t.co/EcaIGKwsUo – #Robots #Fembot #RobotGoddess #JiaJia — Babe Robots (@BabeRobots) April 17, 2016 The scientists believe that Jia Jia will continue evolving until she becomes a wise ‘robot goddess’. According to the team, their goal is to keep improving and developing their robot and not plan on mass producing it. At the 2016, China (Shanghai), International Technology Fair, the robot will be displayed from 21 through 23April. Video – Artificial Intelligence AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to technology that allows computers and robots to think like humans. They behave just like we.


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