Mobile Games are Increasing in Popularity

One of the strongest gaming trends in 2019. Mobile games top the charts.

Minecraft and Candy crush paved the way for a new generation of digital gaming. The desktop computer was replaced with mobile devices.

It is not just the simpler graphical interfaces and new processing power of the mobiles that have led to the transition. A new mobile lifestyle where the player wants constant renewal of his games is judged to be behind the increase.

Games that constantly bring new kicks

Mobile technology has also been adapted to handle the new, modern games, or skip the games. British Imagination develops AI-adapted specialized circuits for mobile phones. The processing power of cheaper mobiles has so far been too weak to be able to carry heavy AI calculations.

Sending requests to servers requires high performance and is not entirely suitable for mobile phones, for example, self-driving cars handle this much better. AI is already possible today but then the user would have to wait for the mobile for the calculations to be done.

Pokemon Go shook the game world

The tech world was shaken by Pokémon Go on the mobile, where the player’s geographical position suddenly became part of the gaming experience is one of the extremes, while Live Blackjack on the mobile also turned upside down on how the financial cycle in the industry is disposed.

Comparison sites further increase interest

Comparing products and services online has long been an estimated corporate niche for consumer products and services. Companies that complete and price hunt have long dominated the home electronics market online. But new is that the gaming world has also received comparative services such as Google Market, which acts as an intermediary between the player and several different sites. Now players all over the world no longer need to put all the eggs in the same basket, but can instead alternate between different game options.

What the future of gaming behavior looks like is too early to say. It is clear, however, that at this record speed, the way we play in the future will not even be like what we see today.


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