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Learn more about computers and what they do. What’s Backlog grooming? What is backlog grooming? Also known as “backlog refinement”, it’s a meeting in which backlog items can be discussed and reviewed. The goal of this meeting? This is a way to ensure that backlogs are kept current and items in them ready for updates. Backlog grooming helps product managers communicate what is expected and gets the whole organization involved. It’s like a meeting with your entire household to discuss spring cleaning. The meeting will discuss each task and determine who is responsible. You’ll also prepare all the necessary materials. The plan will be communicated to everyone who isn’t part of the cleaning crew so that they don’t get in the way of the cleaners. What’s an Accelerated Process Unit (APU), you ask? A microprocessor which combines both the central processing and graphics units (CPUs) onto a single chip is called an accelerated processing unit. Because the processors are not set close together, they can communicate faster. An APU can be compared to a pencil and an eraser on the other side. You don’t have to pick up a pencil, grab an eraser and erase your mistake. The eraser can then be exchanged back. You can quickly and easily make changes to your work using one tool. This is how the APU functions for modern gaming computers. What is Ad Hoc Testing? What is Ad Hoc Testing? It’s an informal testing process that occurs during early stages of software development. It is intended to find bugs and other issues as soon as possible. Ad-hoc testing does not follow any specific test plan or comply with certain documentation requirements. This type of testing does not require planning. Testers and developers simply test the code to see if they can find random bugs. Ad hoc testing can also be called “monkey testing”, “random testing,” or “random” testing. What is Agile Methodology? The Agile Methodology is a method of developing software efficiently and quickly. The developers work in an iterative loop, starting with the needs of their intended users. These requirements are used to build the product and then the programmers pass the results on to users. The users provide feedback that is used by the developers to improve the software. This process continues for as long there’s a demand for the product. Agile means that both the client and the team are constantly in contact throughout the process. This allows them to create new requirements or make changes to the project according to their situation. What’s an Algorithm? A procedure plan to solve mathematical or computer problems such as sorting data is known as an algorithm. This is not yet a program for computers. This is a brief description of the task you wish to have performed by your program. An algorithm can be thought of as a plan, similar to one that a writer creates before they start writing. A developer may also plan the solution to a problem prior to writing a program. Algorithms are a set of instructions in computing that not only determine “what”, but also addresses “how.” Programmers can use algorithms to better understand the process that will help solve their problems. What’s the API-First Approach? An API-first strategy is a method of software development that creates an API (application programming interface) before any code is ever written. A type of software that allows an application to obtain data from another is called an API. This allows multiple applications to interact with each other. APIs are used in almost all of the apps we use every day. It makes perfect sense to design and test APIs before you write the code. What’s an Application Gateway? A firewall proxy is an application gateway. To increase security, it runs on a network of computers. It filters network data and incoming traffic. As an example, consider a program trying to connect with another. It must first establish a connection to another program. The application gateway then connects it to the system. This protects the computer at the other end from malicious attacks. What is an Application Gateway? This adds an extra layer of protection to your network against unwelcome traffic. Sometimes, it is called an “application-level proxy” or “application gateway”. What’s the Application Programming Interface? A piece of software called an Application Programming Interface, or API. It acts as a translator between applications. The API can retrieve information for an application that you use but does not require it to be used. It can be thought of as an intermediary, allowing two applications to communicate with one another and enabling a specific function. It’s an API that allows you to tell a server what to do when you use your phone to send a message. After the server completes the task, it sends data back to the phone. Then your phone can send the message. What’s Backend Development? What is Backend Development? It’s the area of web design that looks at how websites and web applications work. This is the work that happens behind-the scenes. It’s the same as how a chef or staff member handles orders, without customers seeing. Backend developers create code that allows web browsers and databases to interact with each other, instead of just cooking the food. Backend developers are responsible for ensuring that users get their data and services on-time. Backend development is a complex skill that requires extensive programming knowledge. What’s a backend system? Backend systems are any system or structure that supports and runs corporate back-office software. Servers, mainframes and any other data-services systems can be considered backend systems. They are basically computers and other devices that the end-users can’t see because they operate in the background. However, backend systems play a vital role in every organization’s operations. A backend system is responsible for many tasks in the background. This could be a chaotic kitchen at a fast food chain. One person is responsible for preparing drinks, while the other oversees the operation of the fryer. A backend system may only contain one computer and not multiple pieces of equipment. It is easier to separate the frontend and the backend. You rarely see waitresses prepare the food they serve. What exactly is a backup? Did you have a backup?


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